Best CBD Oil For Horses – A Guide to Equine CBD 2024


CBD is becoming a go-to option for pet owners. There are tons of hemp-based wellness products for small animals like cats and dogs. As more research comes, we now know that CBD is safe to use even in animals as big as horses. So, many of you might be wondering:

What is the best CBD oil for horses? 

In this guide, you will learn about choosing a suitable CBD product for your horse, what makes a good CBD company, how much CBD to give to your horse, and much more. We also have a list of the best CBD oil for horses (with discount coupons, of course), so stay tuned!

Our Criteria For Deciding The Best CBD Oil For Horses

There is a lot of information about CBD oil online, and it is easy to get misinformed, especially if you are new to the idea of hemp-based wellness. Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Our team of experts maintains a high standard for our buyer’s guides and reviews. For every product recommended:

  • We carefully analyze product descriptions! The product label contains all the information about extraction methods, manufacturing procedures, hemp-source, etc.
  • We value the opinions, reports, and reviews of third-party individuals and industry experts! Information from third-party individuals helps us maintain transparency and avoid bias.
  • We conduct thorough research on consumer experience! Data collected through cannabis forums, Reddit, Facebook, etc., helps.
  • We test the products ourselves! In-house testing provides us with an edge over others, giving us information that does not make a specific brand look good.

Best CBD Oil For Horses – Our Top Picks For 2021

Here are our top picks for the best CBD oil for horses this year:

Receptra Naturals CBD for Pets

receptra naturals cbd oil for horse tincture


Receptra Naturals CBD tops our list for the best CBD oil for horses since it is a family-owned business of cannabis enthusiasts who have tried CBD products for themselves before coming up with a formula that they could sell. All Receptra Naturals products come from organic, non-GMO hemp flowers to ensure a high-quality full-spectrum extract.

The hemp is hand-harvested to keep the phytocannabinoids from losing quality or deteriorating. Plus, the brand offers third-party lab testing to ensure that you have a clear idea of what you are getting in your CBD oil.

What we like about this brand is that they keep things simple. They only have a CBD oil tincture in their pet product line, containing their premium, full-spectrum extract with less than 0.3% THC. It is dissolved in food-grade alcohol to make sublingual consumption easier. The low THC content is perfect for horses, and its presence increases the therapeutic benefits of CBD through a phenomenon called the entourage effect.

The pet CBD oil tincture comes in two different variants – a 16 mg/ml one for smaller pets and a 25 mg/ml one for larger. Both these tinctures come in 30ml/1oz bottles with a dropper for accurate dosage. We recommend trying the lower concentration one for your horse and see how it turns out, after which you can move on to higher concentrations.

Key features

  • Organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Third-party Lab tested
  • Hand-harvested
  • Full-spectrum extract (less than 0.3% THC)
  • Alcohol-based Tincture


The 16mg/ml tincture contains 480 mg of CBD and costs around $0.09/mg. The 25mg/ml tincture contains 750mg of CBD and costs $0.09/mg. Although CBD products containing higher concentrations cost less, Receptra Naturals have kept their price tag consistent and in the mid-tier range.

Coupon Code

Get 15% off on all Receptra Naturals products by using the coupon code PJ15 on checkout. You can also get additional discounts by visiting their website.

Shop Now At Receptra Naturals

Ananda Pets CBD Oil

ananda hemp cbd oil for horse tincture


Ananda Professional and Ananda Hemp are sub-brands of Australian CBD company, Ecofibre – one of the industry’s oldest. They have headquarters in Kentucky, U.S., where they maintain the world’s largest cannabis seed bank.

The company specialized in premium farming techniques, and the hemp they cultivate is pesticide and herbicide-free. Moreover, the company is CGMP-certified and the first licensed hemp grower in the USA since 1945.

Ananda Pets CBD Oil is a full-spectrum extract containing 300mg of pure cannabinoid content. Like most pet tinctures, it comes in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper for accurate dosage. The pet CBD oil consists of 100% natural ingredients, containing MCT oil as the carrier. It can aid your horse’s digestive system, improve its light-summer, short-winter, and long-winter coats, and help prevent infections too.

Like every premium CBD brand, Ananda hemp products go through rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure that no pesticides, heavy metals, or other toxic materials are present.

Key Features

  • USA-grown, organic hemp
  • cGMP certified
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • MCT Carrier Oil
  • Full-spectrum extract


Ananda Hemp Pet CBD costs $0.19/mg and falls in the high-tier price range. However, paying a few extra dollars for premium-extraction methods and years of experience in hemp technologies is worth it, especially when the health of your horse is concerned.

Coupon Code

Get 10% off on Ananda Hemp products by using the coupon code LEARNINGCBD on checkout.

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cbdpure cbd oil for horse tincture


Finally, we have CBDPure pet products on our list of the best CBD oil for horses. The company is based in Colorado and Washington, committed to producing pure, organic, and industry-standard CBD. It is a family-owned business like many others, closely collaborating with the local hemp-farming community since 2016 to create hemp-based wellness products that can promote healthy lifestyles among people.

CBDPure is cGMP-certified and follows stringent quality measures to ensure that every batch is better than the previous one. They use a supercritical CO2-based extraction method, which is the gold-standard of cannabinoid extraction.

CBDPure CBDPet 100 contains the same full-spectrum extract that they use for other products. Each bottle contains 60ml of 100mg CBD extract with no preservatives and a natural hemp flavor that your horse will enjoy. You can easily add it to their feed or water. The information present on their website recommends one drop of CBD oil per 10 pounds of your horse’s body weight.

Key Features

  • USA-grown, non-GMO organic hemp. 
  • cGMP certified
  • CO2-based extraction
  • Independent lab verification
  • Full-Spectrum extract
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


CBDPure products are a little pricey, and you may have to pay around $0.24 per mg of CBD.

Coupon Code

Get 15% off on CBDPure products by using the coupon code LCBD15  on checkout.

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Is CBD Oil Safe For Horses? – Benefits of Equine CBD

Most CBD companies endorse pet products for cats and dogs since there are way more pet owners than horse owners looking for hemp-based wellness. However, you must know that these products are as safe to use in horses as they are for smaller pets. Like cats and dogs, your horse has an endocannabinoid system that can benefit from a balanced supply of therapeutic cannabinoids.

While there are no horse-related studies to support the therapeutic benefits of CBD, the current human and animal studies show that it is safe to use with minimal side effects.

CBD oil does not cure any specific equine diseases. However, it can help improve the quality of your horse’s life, and many horse owners are turning to CBD products to manage symptoms of chronic conditions. Cannabinoids like CBD have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Here is how your horse can benefit from CBD:

  • Relieves muscle pain and inflammation
  • Reduces anxiety in horses
  • Supports your horse’s metabolism and appetite
  • Improves mood and reduces chronic stress
  • Increases mobility
  • Supports digestion
  • Enhances immune system

What To Look For In CBD Products For Horses?

Here are a few things you need to consider before buying a CBD product for your horse. Having a better understanding of these factors will help you differentiate between reliable and cheap CBD brands.

Look For A Quality Hemp Source!

A quality hemp source guarantees a quality extract, and you should choose brands that use USA-grown, organic hemp. Hemp grown in the United States follows strict measures and regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). Cheap CBD brands will use genetically modified seeds for their hemp for increased crop resistance, which is harmful to your horse’s health.

With USA-grown hemp, you are looking at CBD extracts free of harmful toxins, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other compounds. Most organic hemp farms are Colorado-based, and high-quality CBD brands source their hemp from here.

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Extracts Are The Best!

There are three different types of CBD extracts available in the market:

  • Full-spectrum extracts contain a mixture of cannabinoids (including 0.3% THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds.
  • Broad-spectrum extracts contain all the natural plant compounds minus the THC content.
  • Isolate CBD is the purest form of cannabinoid extract, containing 99.9% CBD.

We recommend full-spectrum and broad-spectrum extracts since they are organic and exhibit the entourage effect to increase the therapeutic benefits of CBD for horses.

Horses May Need Less Potent Products

Animals are more sensitive to organic supplements like CBD. Horses, especially, are large animals with slower metabolism as compared to cats and dogs. A horse’s heart rate is typically between 30-40 beats per minute, which helps them use less energy and still stay active.

So, horses may need less potent products and smaller doses to get the same effects.

Third-Party Lab Results Go A Long Way!

The CBD industry is largely unregulated, and many companies make wild claims about their products, mislabeling them with inaccurate information.

For this reason, third-party lab results are proof of brand reliability. Choose CBD brands that offer third-party lab results to make sure you know what you are getting precisely.

Don’t Compromise on Quality!

While getting value for money is always necessary, you should never compromise on quality when purchasing from an unregulated industry such as the CBD one.

Saving money is good, but getting a high-quality product with no adverse side-effects is better, and you will not get something like that for cheap.

Website Experience and Company Policies

You should check whether the company website is easy-to-navigate, has products mentioned clearly, and has a reliable payment method. A good website experience is reflective of a good consumer experience. You should also review shipping and refund policies to make sure there are no surprises when you order.

How Do I Safely Administer CBD Oil To My Horse?

man feeding cbd gummies to his horse

Although CBD products are safe to use, you should avoid the ones that are high in THC content. Psychoactive compounds are not suitable for horses since they can trigger anxiety, stress, and other mental conditions.

Also, most CBD oil tinctures come in bottles with glass droppers for dosage. Never use a glass dropper to administer CBD oil to your horse. It can break in its mouth, resulting in a severe injury.

Instead, we recommend adding it to their food or using a plastic syringe, which is how most horse-owners give them supplements. If your horse experiences a skin condition, you can also try CBD topicals, balms, and salves for better results.

Nevertheless, always speak with your local vet before using any hemp-based products to treat equine medical conditions.

How Much CBD Should You Give To Your Horse? A Dosage Guide

Now that we have talked about essentially everything concerned with CBD oil for horses, why not look at a comprehensive dosage guide to make things easier for you. Here is a Graduated Dosing Procedure from It is an efficient method of dosing CBD to your horse based on its age, weight, health conditions, etc.

Graduated Dosing for Horses

  • Step 1: Start with an initial baseline dose (recommended daily dose is 25mg)                                   
  • Step 2: Establish an incremental dosage for your horse that you will use later on. (recommended increase is 25mg​)​ 
  • Step 3: Stick to the baseline dose for a week and check for any improvement in symptoms.
  • Step 4: After a week of baseline dosage, if there is no improvement in symptoms, proceed with the incremental dose. (25mg + 25mg)
  • Step 5: Administer the incremental dose for three days. Record any changes in symptoms or improvements.
  • Step 6: If there is still no improvement in symptoms, increase the dosage by 25mg every three days until you find the most suitable one.
  • Step 7: ​ After you have established an appropriate dose, dial back a little and refine your dosage. Decrease the dosage by 5mg every 3 days until you find the most accurate one.

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oil for Horses – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2021)”

Research has shown that CBD oil is safe for cats, dogs, and horses alike. It can be used to improve your horse’s well-being and has little to no side-effects if used appropriately. CBD can help with chronic pain, equine anxiety, stress, digestion, mobility, immune response, etc.

A recommended baseline dose for your horse is 25mg, you can increase that based on the results you get. You should never compromise on quality when choosing CBD products for your horse. Look for brands that offer third-party lab results since they are more reliable. Also, make sure they source their hemp organic farms and their products are pesticide and herbicide-free.

FAQs about Best CBD Oil For Horses

Question: Can I use CBD Oil on my horse?
Answer: Yes, CBD is safe to use in all animals, cats, dogs, and horses alike. There are no major side effects if you start with low doses.

Question: What is the Best CBD Oil for horses?
Answer: Receptra Naturals CBD is Full-spectrum extract that works perfectly for horses. It comes in 16mg/ml and 25mg/ml bottles and costs around $0.09/mg of CBD.

Question: How much CBD should I give to my horse?
Answer: A recommended baseline dose for your horse is 25mg. You can increase this if you are not getting the desired results.

Question: Can I use human CBD products for my horse?
Answer: Although there is no harm in using human products for animals, we recommend pet-specific ones for maximum benefit.

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