Everything You Need to Know About CBD with MCT Oil

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With the increasing availability and abundance of CBD, there are more and more types of products available and ways to consume them. One way to consume CBD is in combination with MCT oil. Ingesting CBD with MCT oil is known to have numerous health benefits and is a great way to quickly feel the effects of the CBD.

This method for ingesting CBD is growing in popularity, but what exactly is MCT oil, and how does it work with CBD?

In this guide, we will explain what MCT oil is in detail and tell you why it is used with CBD. By the end of this article, you will have all of your questions answered and will know if these types of products are for you.

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is made from triglycerides, a type of fat, and comes from coconut or palm oil. The name “MCT” stands for medium-chain triglycerides. This oil can be taken by itself as a supplement but has found recent popularity in being used in combination with CBD oil.

When ingested, MCT oil enters the bloodstream relatively quickly. This allows its effects and the effects of anything else, like CBD, to be felt immediately. MCT oil is commonly used with CBD because of its fast-acting properties. It is also relatively cheap, making it an excellent option for most tinctures and other products.

Many people recommend adding MCT oil to health smoothies, baking recipes, and even coffee. There is not a lot of scientific evidence of MCT oil’s supposed health benefits, and more research is needed on the supplement to understand its long-term effects.

What Are the Health Benefits of MCT Oil?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence and limited scientific research about the health benefits of MCT oil. MCT oil is generally known to help with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Appetite Control
  • Inflammation
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar

As far as appetite control and weight loss go, research does show that MCT oil is more satiating than other types of fat, meaning that MCT oil can help you feel full for longer periods. Further research indicates that MCT oil can help with weight loss without any negative effects.

There have not been enough research studies completed about MCT oil’s effects on inflammation, cholesterol, or blood sugar. However, if MCT oil helps with weight loss by keeping you satiated and controlling your appetite, then these other health benefits might be experienced as a result. They might not necessarily be direct health benefits of the oil, but instead are likely benefits seen from weight loss.

What Is the Purpose of Mixing CBD with MCT Oil?

cbd oil mct oil and coconuts

All CBD products that are ingested require a carrier oil to help the product become absorbed in the body. This is because CBD on its own cannot be broken down by the body, and it cannot enter the bloodstream. Carrier oils help to break down the CBD molecules into particles that can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

MCT is a popular carrier oil for CBD tinctures and other ingestible products because of its health benefits and speed at which it enters the bloodstream. By mixing CBD with MCT oil for ingestion, the benefits of both substances can be felt by the user. Many people that use CBD products for health reasons are also interested in the benefits of MCT oil.

Some of the most common reasons people use CBD products are pain relief and reducing anxiety and depression. CBD products have also been shown to prevent diabetes. Likely, CBD products with MCT oil marketed for their health benefits like weight loss and diabetes prevention will be successful with a significant demographic of people.

By using MCT oil as a carrier oil for CBD, users may feel relief from CBD in addition to the health benefits of MCT oil. They usually feel the effects faster than products with other carrier oils as well.

Is MCT Oil the Best Carrier Oil for CBD?

The answer to this question might vary by person. Some of the most popular carrier oils used with CBD products are hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, pomegranate seed oil, arnica oil, and of course, MCT oil. Each of these carrier oils is used to help the CBD enter the body quickly; however, each oil offers its own health benefits as well.

Depending on what the customer is looking for, they may prefer one carrier oil over the other. For example, arnica oil is used to help with pain and soreness, so someone recovering from an accident might prefer CBD products with this as the carrier oil.

Likewise, pomegranate seed oil promotes overall heart and digestive health. Therefore, a relatively healthy person might want to use this as a carrier oil to provide an extra boost of energy and health.

MCT oil is the best carrier oil to use with CBD for people that want to lose weight. MCT oil is also the carrier oil that gets the CBD to the bloodstream the fastest. People that want a fast-acting CBD product will likely prefer products that use MCT oil as the carrier oil.

How to Use CBD with MCT Oil

Now that we have discussed exactly what MCT oil is and its potential health benefits, you might be wondering how you can use these ingredients together. From products that already have the two ingredients mixed to DIY recipes, there are many ways to use CBD with MCT oil.


The most popular way to use CBD with MCT oil is through tinctures. Tinctures are liquids that you ingest. This type of tincture would have CBD with MCT oil acting as the carrier oil. Tinctures work by squirting the desired amount under the tongue. You leave the tincture under the tongue for about a minute or so, then swish it around the mouth and swallow it.

Tinctures are one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of the product. With the help of fast-acting MCT oil, you can start to feel the effects of these products almost instantly.

If you are considering trying CBD for the first time, then a tincture might be the best choice for you rather than a DIY recipe. Start with a small dose and work your way up once you know how it feels to take it.

Skin Care

Another popular way to use CBD and MCT oil is topically through the skin. Even without CBD, MCT oil is recommended in skincare routines because of its hydrating properties, making the skin feel incredibly soft.

By combining CBD with MCT oil in skincare products, you can feel the moisturizing effects of MCT oil alongside the relief felt from the CBD.

You can even make products like bath bombs at home that use MCT oil as a carrier oil for CBD as well as essential oils. The products will smell great in addition to making your skin feel amazing and your body feel relaxed.

Baking and Cooking

Finally, CBD with MCT oil can be used in baking and cooking recipes. You can either use a tincture that we have already discussed or take a more DIY approach. By replacing the oil in a recipe with MCT oil and adding some CBD, you can easily modify most baking recipes.

You can also use the tincture to add the product to any food recipes or drinks. There are no limits to what you can add these products to. If you add CBD with MCT oil to recipes, you won’t feel the effects instantaneously like you would with a tincture under the tongue. Instead, the products will slowly enter the bloodstream, so you will feel the effects a bit later.

Final Thoughts

mct oil and different products from coconuts in a wood background

At the end of the day, MCT oil is an excellent choice for a carrier oil to use in CBD products. MCT oil has been shown to help with weight loss and appetite suppression, though more research is needed to understand the full scope of its health benefits.

MCT oil is a fast-acting oil that enters the bloodstream more quickly than any other carrier oil used with CBD products. This makes MCT oil a great choice for anyone, even if they are not looking for its weight loss benefits.

CBD products with MCT oil are best suited for people that want to lose weight, suppress their appetite, or quickly feel the many health benefits from CBD. If you are interested in trying a product with MCT oil, try a tincture or DIY recipe.

FAQs About CBD with MCT Oil

Question: Can you use MCT oil without CBD?
Answer: Yes, you can use MCT oil without CBD. In fact, the skincare and baking recipes that we discussed in the article can be used without CBD. MCT oil has plenty of health benefits that have nothing to do with CBD; it’s a great choice for anyone that wants the benefits of weight loss or appetite suppression without the effects of CBD. When ingested, MCT oil has several health benefits. Topically, this oil is an excellent moisturizer and can be used as a carrier oil for essential oils as well.

Question: Is it possible to use too much MCT oil?
Answer: Like with any product, it is possible to use too much. In general, moderation is key. It is generally safe to take CBD with MCT oil as a daily supplement, but you don’t want to take too much. Be sure to check serving sizes and stick to the recommended amount, which should be somewhere between four and seven tablespoons maximum daily. Some research has shown that too much MCT oil has adverse effects on the liver. Additionally, MCT oil is a fatty acid, so it is high in calories. Ingesting too much of it could cause weight gain rather than weight loss.

Question: Can MCT oil help CBD products work better or faster?
Answer: Yes, one of the best qualities of MCT oil is that it helps the body absorb CBD faster than any other carrier oil. Even if you aren’t interested in the health benefits of MCT oil, you should consider CBD products that use it because it will efficiently help the CBD enter your bloodstream.

Question: Why do you need carrier oils in CBD products?
Answer: Carrier oils are an essential tool for delivering CBD to your body. CBD is a fat-soluble substance, so by itself, it can’t enter the bloodstream. It needs to be broken down into particles that can be absorbed by the body and enter the bloodstream, and this is where carrier oils come in. Carrier oils, like MCT oils, help the CBD break down so it can easily and quickly enter the bloodstream.

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