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The Best CBD Capsules For Sale 2020 - A Buyers Guide

Many people have reported amazing results from CBD usage. And numerous scientific studies have helped uncover the secret of its healing properties: The body produces certain chemicals called cannabinoids that function in numerous essential metabolic processes. There is scientific evidence that CBD directs the body to make better use of these cannabinoids.  Current research indicates that CBD can provide relief from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, seizure disorders, and many other conditions. 

If you have any of these conditions, you should give CBD a try. And the easiest way to do that is through taking capsules. Capsules offer all of the benefits of this amazing plant without the need to make a tincture, and without the psychoactive high produced by THC.

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Which CBD Capsules are Right for You?

With all of the new information emerging about the benefits of CBD, there has been a tidal wave of CBD products inundating the market. How do you know which product is right for you? It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused by all of the misinformation and conflicting claims that are made by manufacturers.

In this guide, we will outline some of the things you should consider when buying CBD capsules.

If you would like to find out which are the most important factors to consider when purchasing CBD capsules, this is the guide for you.

Why Use CBDs?

The first question you should ask yourself is: why are you thinking of taking CBD capsules? Is there a particular medical condition you would like to treat, or is it the general health benefits of CBD that interest you? Making this clear at the outset will greatly influence your purchasing decision, as not all products have the same ingredients or applications.

Some of the most common medical conditions that CBD capsules address are cancer, seizures and epilepsy, chronic pain, heart disease, glaucoma, and IBS. CBD products have also shown promise in providing relief for sleep disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

In addition to that, general health benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects, improved digestion, and improved immunity are also associated with CBD use. Ideally, you should consult your doctor about the particular medical condition you might have and what approach to take in consuming CBD capsules.

This will go a long way in helping you choose the right CBD capsules for you, including the dosage, concentration, and additional ingredients included in the product.

Full-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolates

All CBD products, including CBD capsules, can be separated into two categories, those that are full-spectrum products and those that are CBD isolates. It is very important to understand what each product is so you can make an informed decision about which CBD capsules are right for you.

Full-spectrum CBD capsules contain other ingredients besides CBD. This oil is extracted from cannabis without cooling it or separating it from other ingredients. Full-spectrum CBD capsules often contain trace amounts of THC and other ingredients. These ingredients are not necessarily bad or harmful in any way, but you might prefer CBD capsules without THC due to legal issues or problems connected to drug testing at work.

CBD Isolates differ in the production process since oil from the cannabis plant undergoes cooling and separation to isolate only CBD as the primary ingredient of CBD capsules. CBD isolates might be more suitable for those who would like to avoid the side effects of THC.

One of the main ways to differentiate between Full-Spectrum oil and CBD Isolate is the color. Full-spectrum oil has a yellowish color and is very clear, while CBD isolates tend to be white and sparkly.

Consider the Side Effects

CBD Capsules are safe for human consumptions and do not have severe side effects. Still, they are not completely free of side effects. Some of the most common side effects are:

  • Dry mouth
  • A decrease in blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased appetite

Some of these side effects are even welcome by users (drowsiness for those who have sleep disorders or increased appetite for those on cancer or pain medication). If any of these side effects might cause a severe reaction or negative influence on your health, make sure to consider it before deciding to take CBD capsules.

In addition to that, side effects tend to be more severe for first-time users and those getting used to CBD. The best way to avoid them is to start with a lower dose and work your way up to the recommended dose.

Choosing the Right Concentration

Different CBD capsules come in various concentrations, and it is very important to understand the optimal concentration and dosage for you. The proper concentration and dosage depend on the type of relief you are looking for and what kind of CBD effects are best for your condition. Most CBD capsules come in packages of 30 or 60 capsules, and the concentration of CBD in each capsule can vary anywhere from 10mg to 50mg.

The recommended dosage will also depend on your weight and the strength of the CBD you are seeking. A person weighing 150lbs needs significantly less CBD to feel the same effects as a 250lbs one.

Typically, for mild CBD effects, you need a daily dose of 10mg-12mg for someone 130lbs and under, 15mg-18mg for someone between 130lbs and 230lbs, and 20mg-24mg for someone above 230lbs. Each individual responds differently to CBD and should tweak their dosage for optimal effect.

For moderate CBD effects, the dosage is 12-15mg, 19-23mg, and 24-30mg  depending on your weight. For those who need strong CBD effects to treat their condition, daily doses of 15mg-17mg, 24mg-27mg, and 30mg-50mg are more appropriate.

Taking these general guidelines into account, make sure to study the concentration of any CBD capsules you might buy. The size of the capsule might be irrelevant to its actual concentration of CBD, especially when it comes to full-spectrum CBD capsules. So, do your homework to make sure that the CBD capsules you purchase have an adequate concentration for your condition and weight.

Vegan-Friendly or Not?

Very few people actually consider this when buying CBD capsules. However, CBD capsules require a coating to enable smooth ingestion of the capsules. Most of these capsules use a hardened gelatin to deliver the CBD to your body when ingested. Unfortunately, this can be a problem for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Gelatin is an animal derivative, making it a big no-no for vegans. An alternative is CBD capsules that use vegetable cellulose as a delivery solution.

If you follow a vegan diet, make sure to study the ingredients of CBD capsules carefully. If CBD capsules do not clearly state that they use vegetable cellulose and are vegan-friendly, it is likely that those particular capsules contain gelatin and are not suitable for you.


As with any supplement or medicine, cost plays an important role in choosing the right one for your budget. Fantastic CBD capsules might be available in the market, but if you cannot afford them, there is no need to waste your time considering them when purchasing.

When you are browsing through different CBD capsules and looking at their price tags, make sure to calculate the cost of each product correctly. The actual price of a package of CBD capsules might not be the most relevant cost. If the concentration of CBD is low in those capsules, you might need to take more capsules to meet your dosage requirements, making those capsules more expensive than you originally thought.

The most precise measurement to use is the price per dose. For example, suppose your daily recommended dose is 20mg, and a $30 package of CBD capsules contains 30 capsules with 10mg of CBD each. That means that you need two capsules per day, coming at $1 per capsule for a total cost of $2 per day. Make sure to know your daily dosage requirements and carefully study the concentration of CBD capsules.

Products with a higher price tag might provide better value than cheaper ones, depending on your needs.

The Quality and Clinical/Lab Results

While the quality of the CBD capsules might vary depending on the type of relief you seek (or your individual preference), the hard data that comes from third-party clinical testing is an important factor to consider. A company that produces CBD capsules and prides itself on being transparent about its production process will probably mention the clinical testing and independent lab results in its marketing and product documentation.

This is the easiest way to confirm the claims that a manufacturer of CBD capsules is making in its marketing materials. You can also check for CBD or THC concentration, as well as other relevant ingredients. CBD capsules that provide clear information in this area are usually higher quality products from manufacturers that have nothing to hide.

State of Residence and Legality

Unfortunately, some CBD products are still not available in all US states because they are not yet legalized in particular states. CBD capsules derived from the hemp plant are legal in most US states and are more widely available for purchase. CBD capsules derived from the cannabis plant are a different story. Make sure to study the laws governing the sale and distribution of cannabis derivatives in your state carefully.

Some states have fully legalized marijuana and its derivatives, while others have specific regulations that allow the medicinal use of cannabis-related products. Do some research before choosing a product that might get you in trouble.

Additional restrictions exist when it comes to purchasing, say, prescription-only CBD products or limited-dosage products. You can rarely get into legal trouble for taking CBD capsules, but there is always a slight chance you might be one of the unlucky few that become a statistic.

To avoid this, study the laws and regulations regarding the sale and purchase of CBD products in your state and do extensive research on the CBD capsules you are planning to buy.

Drug Testing

Some of us work for companies that perform random drug testing. In such cases, it is wise to use CBD capsules that do not contain traces of THC. Otherwise, you might fail your employer's drug test. We covered the full-spectrum, and CBD isolate capsules in the previous section already. As you know, full-spectrum CBD capsules might contain as much as 0.3% of THC. CBD isolates are THC-free and much safer to use.

A failed drug test might seriously affect your career, especially if you are working in an industry that has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs. It is important to be extra careful when choosing CBD capsules and to focus on companies with a reputation for delivering a high-quality product.

If you would like to avoid the CBD capsules that might contain THC, look for CBD isolate capsules and thoroughly read the ingredients and lab/test results that are available. Look for CBD capsules that contain 0% THC. If, at any point, you are in doubt whether a particular product might contain THC, consult with the retailer/manufacturer or other industry professionals.


It is extremely challenging to make sense of the CBD capsule market at this moment. The industry is still young and growing at an incredible pace. Keeping up with all the new products flooding the market is virtually impossible. We have created this guide to try to emphasize the most important factors you should consider when purchasing CBD capsules.

The popularity of CBD capsules is a direct result of the medical benefits of CBD. It would be unwise to pass up an opportunity to use CBD capsules if you have a condition that CBD offers relief for. After all, CBD capsules are much less toxic, non-addictive, and come with fewer side effects than regular pharmaceutical products.

Still, we always call for caution. Make sure to consider why you are thinking about taking CBD capsules, what kind of relief you are looking for, and whether the product you are interested in comes in the concentration you need. Always go with reputable manufacturers and study the ingredients carefully before making your choice.

We hope that you will find this CBD capsules buying guide useful and that your foray into CBD capsules is a positive experience.