Ananda CBD Oil – Full Spectrum CBD (3 Strengths)

ananda hemp full spectrum cbd oil

Looking to buy Ananda CBD Oil online? Ananda Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in three strengths: 300, 600 and 2000mgs.


Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids
Carried in cold-pressed hemp seed oil and MCT ( medium chain triglycerides) oil
Plant-based ingredients
Made in the USA

Ananda Cbd Oil Tincture Details

Every bottle of Ananda Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture contains 300, 600, or 2000mg of active cannabinoids.

Quality Tested

Ananda Hemp Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture is tested with the same rigorous standards as all our hemp oil products to achieve the highest quality, premium hemp oil product on the market. Our Spectrum is certified glyphosate-free.

Made & Grown In The USA

Ananda hemp oil products are 100% grown and processed in the USA and certified by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture. Ananda Hemp is one of the largest producers of domestic hemp, grown by generational, Kentucky farmers on over 500 acres.

Unlike others, Ananda Hemp doesn’t use imported CBD extract which is not compliant with the Farm Bill. They do not produce any product from the stalks of the hemp plant. Ananda Hemp are fully compliant with Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, and their Hemp Oil products are 100% legal in all 50 states and Kentucky Proud.


Ananda Hemp Flower Extract Raw, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Botanical Terpene Blend

Dosing Recommendation

Starting with ½ a dropper under the tongue after dinner (not too close to bedtime) for one or two nights. Hold the hemp oil in your mouth for up to one minute and swallow with water. If you feel comfortable you can add another ½ dropper again after breakfast. After a week or so, if you feel you need more, you can continue to increase the dosage.

Ananda Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Oil FAQs

What is the difference between Ananda Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil?
Ananda Full Spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids and other naturally occurring components of hemp like THC (less than 0.3%). Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil on the other hand contains is like Full-Spectrum except that it doesn’t contain any THC.

What is the recommended dosage of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?
Dosage varies greatly for each individual. It is necessary to find the dosage that is right for you. We suggest starting with one full dropperful in the evening, preferably with food. Monitor how you feel for a day or two at this dose. If you feel you need more, from here you can gradually increase your daily servings until you reach your desired result. Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD Oil can be taken in the morning or evening, or both.

What is Ananda Full-Spectrum CBD Oil good for?
Ananda Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is good for post-workout recovery, day-to-day stress management, physical and mental focus, and a sense of calm and relaxation.

Is there a way to reduce the earthy taste of CBD oil?
Mix the oil into a smoothie or take a sip of your favorite beverage right after. There are lots of ways to make CBD taste good. Check our Pinterest to find other CBD recipes

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