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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Capsules

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Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules have made a prominent name as a viable and safe option for any CBD enthusiast. No matter why you’ve turned to CBD, Charlotte’s Web organic products have the finest ingredients, and the company has the best intentions to get you where you need to be. These capsules are an easy-to-use and easy-to-transport option that gives you all the benefits of CBD without any of the potential discomforts of smoking or eating it. Each capsule contains 25mg of premium relief that you can feel free to use anytime, anywhere, to match your needs.

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Researchers study CBD as a possible alternative to harmful antidepressants. These particular Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules consist of effective hemp extract that gives you all of the benefits of cannabis without any of the intoxicating effects.

Further, CBD is legal under U.S. law, all over the United States, and also in many other parts of the world. Instead of experiencing any sort of impairment, you’ll have extra help in tackling the day’s events. Charlotte’s Web is proud to make these capsules with full-spectrum hemp extract alongside all-natural organic extra virgin olive oil. The natural components the company uses deliver better results than some other products made of less-organic ingredients.

These capsules are available in a variety of strengths and quantities to fit your unique set of needs. With 30-count, 60-count, and 90-count bottles, you can regulate your dose accordingly. The amount you need will differ based on if you’re an occasional user of CBD or if you use it to manage everyday ailments regularly.

As such, you can also find Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules in different strengths to make it easier to get by. The company offers several options, from 15mg to 25mg and above, but we only currently carry the 25mg option, which offers powerful relief against a variety of ailments.

These extract capsules have been known to help users:

  • Help manage every-day stress*
  • Support a sense of calm for focus*
  • Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*
  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles*


As if that wasn’t enough, Charlotte’s Web is proud to offer more phytocannabinoids in these potent capsules that help deliver acute relief at a moderate price. These substances include beneficial natural ingredients like terpenes, fatty acids, and flavonoids – alongside other organic compounds to give you a sense of full-bodied relief with none of the pesky side effects.

The innovators at Charlotte’s Web have an extensive supply of more than 1 million plants that they give the utmost care to throughout the extraction process. They use fresh, heavily filtered water to make sure that only the good stuff gets into their products. Further, during the harvest season, they take the time to test their CBD every five days to extract it at the perfect time to achieve maximum results. The best part is, it is all done in an FDA-registered facility so you can trust that you’re getting a good-quality product.

How CBD Works

The unique combination of ingredients in Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules makes them stand out from this emerging market. They boast more than 80 cannabinoids in their listed ingredients. These substances have been known to help regulate some bodily systems and promote healing. The basic breakdown goes like this:


These useful phytonutrients work as carriers of sorts. They send helpful nutrients around the body to deliver relief to areas that need it.


These are fragrant oils found in cannabis and CBD plants. Whether medicinal or otherwise, they bind to receptors in the body and brain to provide effects directly to areas that need them – without any euphoria or intoxication.

The Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules work the same way as all other natural CBD cannabinoids. The cannabinoids attach to the appropriate receptors to deliver the right amount of relief according to the dose you take. This process is interesting because the body itself naturally produces cannabinoids in the areas of receptors known as CB1 And CB2.

These receptors have different capabilities. When dealing with immune system issues, such as pain receptors and inflamed areas, these will be your CB2 receptors. As for the CB1 receptors, these also deal with certain types of pain, but they are more versatile. They affect areas of your life, like coordination, emotions, appetite levels, memories, and even your mood. When the CBD encounters these receptors, the effects can vary, and they possibly can help you get through whatever may be troubling you.

The most exciting part is that, with modern science, many researchers believe that they don’t precisely attach to either of these receptors. Instead, CBD works by urging the body to use its internal cannabinoids more effectively. It is a catalyst of sorts. So, the healing was inside of you the entire time. CBD just helps your body use what can help it at the moment. The flavonoids carry these nutrients while the terpenes work to put them into action.

A CBD Capsule That Does Its Job

Charlotte’s Web works hard to deliver premium CBD products that provide the benefits that CBD is truly capable of. To do so, they have put countless hours into perfecting their recipe, so it uses only the best ingredients at a price that’s not going to break the bank. This care comes from a selfless dedication to their customers. Ultimately, their only goal is to do their part in delivering high-quality CBD products that provide premium effects to get you through the day and back to the things you love the most.

Experts know that when CBD is done right and extracted with the proper processes, it can have amazing effects on the human body. With so many dangerous and addictive chemicals in the world, it is refreshing to see products like these Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules.

By taking the time to perform the most stringent extraction processes, not just the easiest ones that may make them more money, Charlotte’s Web puts their name on a product they are proud of. Through their utilization of cannabis byproducts like terpenes and flavonoids, they deliver a product that is the total package, literally. It all comes in well-sealed and dependable capsules in a variety of strengths and quantities so you can find the best fit for your unique set of needs. This way, you may never have to go back to a life of pain and discomfort again.

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