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Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies come in three unique formulas that offer targeted benefits to users. Choose between Calm, Recovery, and Sleep gummies that contain a range of natural flavors and ingredients.

All products exclusively contain US-sourced hemp and high-quality CBD, which is acquired via a proprietary process. All Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies come with 60 gummies per package.


Overview of Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Charlotte’s Web is a CBD producer that offers access to a range of CBD products. The Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies are a unique and tasty way to consume a variety of CBD formulas.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies, exploring the essential details, variations, and facts associated with this unique CBD product.

Three Types of Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies are available in three different forms: Calm, Recovery, and Sleep. The selection allows you to take advantage of various benefits and features, explored below:

1. Calm


The Charlotte’s Web ‘Calm’ CBD Gummies are intended for consumers who need help relaxing throughout the day. If you want a CBD product that can reduce stress and alleviate certain types of anxiety, this might be the ideal choice for you.

It contains CBD, L-theanine, and Lemon Balm. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, derived from a full-spectrum hemp extract. L-theanine is a plant-based amino acid that is often used to reduce stress without causing unwanted drowsiness.

Each typical container of ‘Calm’ CBD from Charlotte’s Web comes with 60 lemon-lime flavored gummies. If you’re looking for an easy and tasty way to consume a CBD supplement, it’s hard to go wrong with this gummy product from Charlotte’s Web.

There are no additives, false flavors, or other artificial substances in this product. You will also benefit from over 80 natural phytocannabinoids. The CBD is produced using a proprietary extraction process.

2. Recovery

charlrottes web cbd gummies recovery banner

The ‘Recovery’ gummy from Charlotte’s Web should be consumed before or after exercise. In addition to 10mg of CBD, the product is also blended with ginger and turmeric. Its unique composition offers a distinctive and enjoyable taste—you won’t need to worry about struggling to eat this gummy.

The combination of ingredients is aimed at promoting muscle health and joint health. It also claims to offer anti-inflammatory features that help reduce swelling and enhance recovery periods.

As with the ‘Calm’ gummy, there are over 80 natural phytocannabinoids loaded into this product. It is created using natural flavors and without additives.

Each ‘Recovery’ gummy package contains 60 gummies.

3. Sleep


Aptly named, the ‘Sleep’ gummy is designed to help attain the best night’s sleep possible. The raspberry-flavored gummy is made from a unique mixture of CBD and melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep—exceedingly popular with people around the world. The combination of CBD and melatonin promotes healthy sleeping patterns and is designed to help you avoid waking up throughout the night, regulating your sleep cycles.

The ‘Sleep’ gummy contains 10mg of CBD and 3mg of melatonin. There are no artificial additives or flavors.

No matter which type of gummy you choose to purchase, you’ll benefit from the same Charlotte’s Web quality standards. The producer provides packages that allow you to try all three variations at a reduced price, too.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies for Dogs (Calming Pet Chews)

Many people focus on personal CBD consumption, but there are plenty of pet owners that have delved into CBD to help their furry friends. It can be challenging to administer CBD to animals when they’re averse to swallowing pills or accepting oils or serums into their mouths. Charlotte’s Web has a solution—a full-spectrum hemp gummy made for dogs.

The product also contains passionflower, chamomile, and valerian root. The primary purpose is to create a relaxing effect on your dog. If you have an anxious dog, this natural wellness product can reduce their stress levels.

What is CBD?

If you’re into wellness products, it’s been impossible to miss all the news about CBD in the United States. The federal government has now legalized certain CBD products, and producers around the country have begun selling this unique cannabis-based supplement. CBD itself is a product of the Cannabis Sativa plant—separated during an isolation process.

Unlike other parts of the cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive. It is THC that usually creates a ‘high’ feeling when you consume cannabis. By eliminating most of the psychoactive properties of the plant, CBD users have access to a wellness supplement that doesn’t alter the mental state.

There are often trace amounts of THC in CBD products, though. It’s critical that individuals who are drug tested for work or other purposes ensure the use of the right type of CBD products. ‘Full-spectrum’ CBD typically contains traces of THC.

What Exactly Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are an ingestible CBD product popular with consumers around the world. CBD oils can often taste strange, so many people seek other ways to consume CBD without suffering through unpalatable flavors.

Gummies are a painless and tasty way to consume CBD and only one of many new edible CBD products on the market.

What Are the Positive Effects of CBD?

If you’re going to ingest CBD, there’s a good chance that you’re doing it for a particular reason. CBD has become a top-rated wellness product, and there is research that suggests it has several positive benefits for those who use it.

Each of the gummies offered by Charlotte’s Web has a unique benefit and purpose. CBD itself has some universal properties worth exploring if you plan on ingesting it.

While the evidence is still inconclusive, there does appear to be research that points to a few positive effects. We’ve explored these benefits below:

Exercise-Induced Inflammation

One of the primary benefits associated with taking a CBD supplement is managing exercise-induced inflammation. Studies clearly point to the effectiveness of CBD in reducing this type of inflammation.

Everyday Stress Relief

Managing stress is another common health benefit of CBD. While scientific evidence is inconclusive, many people manage stress and other health issues with CBD supplements successfully.

Sleep Assistance

One of the most popular reasons that people take CBD supplements is because they have issues sleeping. If you’re someone who struggles to get to bed or stay asleep through the night, CBD might be able to improve your sleeping patterns.

How Many Should I Take?

If you purchase one of the three types of gummies on offer from Charlotte’s Web, it’s essential to administer the correct dosage. For all three gummy types, Charlotte’s Web suggests that you take two gummies per day.

In addition to taking the recommended dosages, it’s also suggested that you consume CBD regularly if you want to experience its full effects.

US-Sourced Hemp (CBD)

Many CBD and hemp products in the United States are produced using overseas manufacturing plants. If you’re someone who wants to partner with a company that prioritizes local growers and industries, you’ll be pleased to know that Charlotte’s Web’s CBD is derived from USA hemp plants.

Certified by US Hemp Authority

The US Hemp Authority certifies Charlotte’s Web CBD products (including the gummies).

The US Hemp Authority is not a government agency, but it is a reputable industry body tasked with ensuring the quality of premium hemp products. Many independent CBD producers create sub-par products in the industry, so it’s imperative to find a product that you can trust.

Companies that have certification from the US Hemp Authority have been verified for following strict manufacturing and cultivation processes. The US Hemp Authority also has stringent conditions regarding accurate labeling and advertising of products.

US Hemp Authority certified companies adhere to FDA preparation standards and a host of other benchmarks. The group’s website outlines the rigorous process associated with becoming a certified US Hemp Authority company.

While the CBD industry is still in its infancy, it’s nice to see that there is an industry body leading the charge to create reliable products. The certification is a genuine marker of a premium producer that respects the quality of its CBD and the safety of its customers.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with CBD Intake?

While CBD gummies and other CBD products offer consumers access to a natural product, it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience any negative side effects. Adverse reactions to CBD are rare but still exist.

Low Blood Pressure

Some studies have suggested that CBD may lower your blood pressure. If you’re someone who already suffers from low blood pressure issues, this could create further complications.

Dry Mouth

As with consuming other parts of the cannabis plant, CBD has been known to cause dry mouth for those who consume it. If you feel that you have a dry mouth after using CBD, it is a relatively normal side effect, though an uncomfortable one.


CBD has been known to make users drowsy, especially if the CBD product has other cannabis components. It’s best to avoid operating vehicles or other heavy machinery if you believe your CBD gummies are making you drowsy. The side effect is particularly applicable to the ‘Sleep’ gummy from Charlotte’s Web.

General Fatigue

In a similar fashion to the drowsiness above, CBD can cause general fatigue for some users. If you’ve been using CBD for an extended period and you feel exhausted, it might be a result of the product.

If you experience any of the above side effects when you take CBD gummies or other CBD products, it’s best to speak to a medical expert. Serious side effects are much less common in natural products (like CBD) than many other pharmaceutical drugs.

Verdict: This is Premium CBD Gummy Product

If you’re looking for a natural, premium product that offers an effortless method of ingestion, these Charlotte Web CBD Gummies are an excellent choice. Not only do these products come with a seal of approval from the US Hemp Authority, but it is also well-liked by consumers. There are three options at your disposal, so all you need to do is choose the best one for your needs.

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