Does Amazon Sell CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know

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It is common in this digital era that when you want to buy a specific item online, Amazon is the go-to shopping site. Amazon spends a fortune on Google ads to make sure that regardless of the item you’re searching for, you will find it on their website. 

Have you ever searched for CBD oil on Amazon? 

If you have, you are not alone. Buying various items from Amazon has become a common habit for people. There are many perks of buying online on Amazon, from an extensive assortment to competitive prices and free shipping. So, it is natural that when you want to buy something, including CBD oil, you will first check there. But does Amazon sell CBD oil?

The short answer is you can’t buy CBD oil or any cannabinoid on Amazon. The website forbids the sale of CBD oil in the United States, Europe, Canada, and in every other country where cannabis has been legalized. 

So why are there some CBD oils on Amazon? Does this mean that you can buy CBD oil despite Amazon’s ban? The confusion started when Amazon banned all CBD products but not hemp products in general. 

Keep reading to find out more about Amazon and CBD oil. 

Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

If you do a quick search on Amazon, you will discover a wide selection of oils that might lead you to believe they are CBD. Unfortunately, what you see is not CBD oil but hemp seed oil, which is entirely different. The confusion between CBD and hemp oil has led to numerous companies renaming their products in an attempt to be sold on Amazon. 

Sellers name their products “hemp extract” or “hemp oil” to attract the attention of potential buyers who want to buy CBD oil and convince them to buy their items instead. They describe their items in a similar way you would describe CBD oil without including CBD. 

In an attempt to keep CBD-containing products off its site, Amazon developed an algorithm to detect product descriptions that either hint at having CBD properties or are similar to CBD products offered on other sites. 

It doesn’t take much to set up shop on Amazon: a driver’s license and a bank statement will permit almost anyone to establish an online market for their products. Unfortunately, some fraudulent sellers slip through the cracks and begin selling banned products such as CBD products, and there’s no way to determine what other ingredients those products contain. 

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: What Is The Difference?

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Hemp and CBD oil are both a product from the cannabis plant, but they are not the same. One difference is that CBD comes from the flower, leaves, and stalk, while hemp just comes from the seeds. The seeds from the Cannabis sativa plant do not contain CBD.

They both have multiple uses in numerous industries, including beauty, wellness, and food. CBD can be used for its anti-inflammatory properties for various skin conditions, while hemp seed oil can be used to soothe dry, irritated skin without clogging pores. 

Is CBD Legal?

The legality of CBD oil varies between state and federal laws. Another factor determining CBD’s legitimacy is the source: Does the oil derive from marijuana or hemp? 

While the plants are closely related, they are in different groups, according to the FDA

Hemp and marijuana are terms that describe various kinds of cannabis, and both can produce CBD oil. Considering that these two plans belong to the same family, they share many similarities, but on a chemical level, they are different. Cannabis has different amounts of THC compared to hemp. 

Hemp produces a non-existent amount of THC (less than 0.3%), while cannabis can have a higher amount (up to 30%) and induce mind-altering effects. 

Based on the DEA guidance, CBD is a Schedule I substance; therefore, it is illegal. However, if CBD is derived from the hemp plant, it is no longer a Schedule I substance, meaning it is legal. 

Here are the rules:

  • The hemp must contain than 0.3% of THC
  • The hemp must adhere to the federal and state regulations
  • The hump must be grown by a licensed company 

As long as it adheres to federal and state law, hemp-derived CBD is legal. What about marijuana-derived CBD? Is that legal? 

It is a more complex subject because marijuana comes from a plant that is not legal. In Colorado and California, marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational usage; therefore, it is marijuana-derived CBD. 

Here is a list of states where marijuana-derived CBD is legal for recreational use:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Alaska
  • Michigan
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont
  • Oregon
  • Washington

When it comes to medicinal use, there are a total of 47 countries (including the ones where it is legal for recreational use) where you can consume marijuana-derived CBD. The regulations in all of these 47 states require patients to have a medical marijuana card to buy and consume CBD legally.

States where marijuana-derived CBD is strictly forbidden are:

  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Idaho 

If CBD Is Legal (in Some States), why is CBD Oil Prohibited From Being Sold on Amazon?

cbd oil and legal laws

When you ask, “Does Amazon sell CBD oil” and find out they don’t accept drugs on their marketplace, you may be wondering why especially when CBD is legal to buy and consume in almost all states. 

Amazon doesn’t list CBD oil and other CBD products because the company views CBD as a cannabis-derived product, which falls under the prohibited drugs category. They cannot risk having brands and sellers selling substances containing THC on their website because it goes against their rules. 

If Amazon were to allow CBD to be sold online, they would have to test and verify each product listed on the website. This would be nearly impossible, considering how many companies would begin selling CBD-containing products. 

The cannabis and CBD industries are evolving from a grey, illegal zone to being widely accepted businesses worldwide. Every jurisdiction worldwide has different rules regarding cannabis and CBD oil, and Amazon is vulnerable to being accused of selling illegal substances online. 

Besides Amazon, a few other successful companies also refuse to work with CBD sellers and brands. PayPal, for example, doesn’t allow CBD companies to use PayPal as a payment service provider. It is a frustration for some customers, but it is how PayPal chooses to operate. Square is another example of a company that doesn’t provide services to CBD companies. 

It doesn’t make sense for successful companies, such as Amazon and PayPal, to risk their reputation by selling CBD products online. 

Can You Sell CBD Oil on Amazon (Despite the Strict Rules)?

If you search for CBD oil on Amazon, you will see a wide selection of items, but none of them are real CBD products. Trusted and reliable CBD companies don’t sell on Amazon because they are familiar with Amazon’s policy regarding CBD oil and don’t want to confuse potential buyers. 

The products you see on Amazon’s website contain hemp oil. Hemp oil is healthy, and you can add it to your nutrition plan, but keep in mind it is cheaper than CBD and doesn’t contain the same ingredients nor effects. 

Amazon has made it clear that they don’t allow the sale of CBD products, including oils, topicals, tinctures, vapes, capsules, or edibles. While CBD extracted from hemp is legal in most countries, Amazon doesn’t want to be responsible for informing or educating the market.

Most of the CBD substances sold on Amazon are offered by questionable and unreliable sellers who are taking a chance that the marketplace will overlook their products. When purchasing CBD products, make sure you go through a reputable source providing products that have undergone proper testing from a licensed facility. 

Although security, convenience, and free shipping are some of Amazon’s strongest attributes, consumers should be careful when buying CBD products from this website. 

Problems with Buying CBD Oil on Amazon

Unfortunately, many people are taking advantage of CBD’s popularity and deciding to sell products on Amazon, despite the marketplace limitations. Paying a higher price for a CBD oil, which is actually a hemp seed oil, is one of the problems you’ll face when buying CBD oil on Amazon. 

The biggest issue is how these products are tested. Amazon sellers are looking to make quick cash by mislabeling a hemp extract. These new business owners are not aware that the online market is unregulated, and anyone can sell you anything in a bottle labeled as CBD. 

These “CBD oils” might contain contaminants or unsafe ingredients that might cause side effects and result in a poor customer experience. 

There is a bigger risk that comes with buying CBD oil on Amazon. In addition to not being effective, it may also be harmful. Unreliable CBD manufacturers may not provide an accurate list of ingredients, and the product may contain 5F-ADB, dextromethorphan, or melatonin. 

Does Amazon Sell CBD Oil? A Final Word

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It is a tricky question that requires a detailed explanation. If you are looking to buy CBD online, we don’t advise using Amazon because of the unreliable sellers and unsafe CBD products. The CBD products you see on Amazon are not from reputable manufacturers, and the bottle may contain hazardous ingredients or contaminants. 

Amazon does not permit the sale of CBD oil or any other CBD product on their marketplace. It is a delicate substance, and additional effort to test each seller and product will be required to ensure the product is genuine. If cannabis and CBD are recognized across the world, there is a chance that Amazon will take that level of risk and allow sellers to sell cannabis and CBD-based products on their platform. But until then, you will only see hemp seed oils. 

In conclusion, buying CBD oil from Amazon is a risk because you won’t know how much CBD oil is in the product (if it contains any CBD at all). You could end up spending your money on nothing more than hemp oil, leaving you unsatisfied. 

If you want to consume high-quality CBD oil, we suggest avoiding Amazon and purchasing from a reputable brand with positive reviews and high-quality testing. 

FAQs About CBD Oil & Amazon

Question: How can you ensure you are buying quality CBD oil online?
Answer: While there is no way for you to try the CBD product before buying it online, the best way to understand the oil’s quality and the seller’s profile is to review the laboratory tests. Before paying for CBD oil, check the laboratory where the quality test was conducted. The lab test will help you make an informed decision on whether to trust the product’s label. On the Amazon website, there are never any lab tests, which is the most important reason why you shouldn’t purchase CBD oils from there.  

Question: Why do people continue to purchase CBD products on Amazon?
Answer: Most people in the U.S don’t know that Amazon doesn’t allow CBD products on their website. When they go onto the marketplace, they expect to purchase a legal product to consume for recreational or medical use. While there are numerous CBD products available on Amazon, they go against the company’s policy. 

Question: Can I get in legal trouble for buying CBD oil from Amazon?
Answer: Almost all CBD oils you see on Amazon don’t contain CBD. They are hemp oils, which contain a low amount of THC (less than 0.3%), meaning you can’t get in legal trouble. However, those who sell “CBD oil” on Amazon are scammers who use mislabel their products to convince potential buyers to make a purchase. This means you can’t be 100% sure that the hemp oil you are buying from Amazon is safe and doesn’t cause any side effects

Question: What is a fair price for a high-quality CBD oil?
Answer: While CBD oils vary by quality, source, and brand, the best ones generally cost between $0.02 and $0.20 per mg CBD. The price is based on an average calculation of top-rated CBD products from top brands

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