Ananda Touch Bliss Oil Sexual Lubricant

Looking to buy Ananda Touch Bliss online? This is Ananda Hemp’s new sexual lubricant, Touch Bliss Oil, that aids in intimacy and pleasure with their CBD.


  • 2oz bottle
  • 250 mg of active cannabinoids per bottle
  • Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids + synergistic terpene infusion
  • Essential Oils, Organic Theobroma, Coconut Oil & L-arginine for additional Bliss



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Ingredients for Ananda Touch Bliss Oil

Ananda Hemp Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao Seed Butter (Theobroma), Peppermint Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, L-Arginine

Others: MCT oil, Cetearyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol

For your inner Sexpot

  • Formulated by Ananda Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alex Capano, to enhance and equalize the sexual experience for everyone.
  • All-natural ingredients intentionally selected to stimulate and soothe.
  • 250mg of hemp-derived cannabinoids per bottle, all cultivated from sun-grown cannabis on own farms in Kentucky.
  • Free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals.
  • pH balanced and sugar-free to ensure safety in delicate tissue.
  • Federally legal in all 50 U.S. States with less than 0.3% THC.

All-natural ingredients selected by Ananda’s Chief Science Officer

  • Ananda Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract – Rich in CBD and rare cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN, and containing less than 0.3% THC, full-spectrum hemp extract is known to boost our endocannabinoid system. This can relax the body and mind, stimulate pleasure, increase blood flow, and decrease pain.
  • Peppermint and Black Pepper – Sourced from plant-derived essential oils, creating cooling and heating sensations
  • Cacao Seed Butter – The theobromine in cacao is the only food known to contain anandamide, the bliss neurotransmitter. And, it tastes great!
  • Coconut Oil – Ideal for increasing natural lubrication
  • L-Arginine – This amino acid can safely increase vasodilation, improving blood flow, and stimulating tissue.
  • Cetearyl – A plant-derived, moisturizing emulsifier that contains healthy fatty acids and is used safely in organic beauty products.

Why Bliss?

Ananda Hemp’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alex Capano, is a nurse practitioner who focuses on sexual and reproductive medicine.  Bliss was created from a marriage of her expertise in medicinal cannabis and sexual health.

Read on to hear from her.

“”In my clinical practice, I hear from so many patients who are underwhelmed or unfulfilled in their sex lives.

This complaint is more common in female-bodied patients.  This is often due to dryness or pain.  And sometimes it is due to lack of communication and rushing into things.  I’ve actually even written prescriptions for foreplay!  But besides that, solutions are limited, especially for female bodies.

For male bodies, prescription drugs are available, but they are not safe options for everyone.  Folks who have undergone certain medical treatments, such as gender confirmation surgery, are often asking for safe options to enhance sensitivity.

I wanted to create a natural, effective alternative that could work for all bodies.

Cannabinoids became an obvious answer, especially after learning about the abundance of cannabinoid receptors in female reproductive organs. Sexual dysfunction can stem from multiple causes, one common condition is endometriosis, which affects 167 million people worldwide.  Treatment is limited and often invasive.  But cannabinoids may be an option to improve pain and sexual function, as cannabinoids have been shown to stop proliferation of endometriosis. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and other cannabinoids can help with a variety of pain etiologies.

But I get frustrated when we talk only about pain when it comes to sexual health.  We need to talk about pleasure, too!

Bliss does more than help decrease pain and inflammation; it can increase natural lubrication and sensation and improve blood flow..  For example, cannabinoids are associated with increased sexual experience.  The Bliss formula supports this through multiple mechanisms, such as including increasing natural nitric-oxide production.  Nitric-oxide stimulates blood flow.  In fact, one study concluded nitric-oxide is more effective than prescription drugs in treating ED.
And the essential oils, peppermint and black pepper, in Bliss are a safe way to introduce a little something extra – their simultaneous heating and cooling sensations really kick things up a notch.

Finally, we’ve added organic cocoa seed butter, or Theobroma, which is the only food we know of that contains Anandamide.  Anandamide is your natural bliss neurotransmitter and also your natural, endogenous cannabinoid.  Dubbed the “hedonic hotspot” for pleasure, Anandamide is also associated with oxytocin, your love, cuddle pleasure neurotransmitter.  When people enjoy sex and are empowered in their sex lives, they lead happier, healthier lives.  I want Bliss to help people achieve that.  And who knows? With Bliss, I may not have to write prescriptions for foreplay anymore.

Bliss works best when applied at least fifteen minutes before sexual activity.  I encourage folks to use those 15 minutes between application and the main event to slow down and take their time.  Whether they are using Bliss with a partner or alone, taking a little more time for self-care and intimacy always helps to enhance the experience.  Just be sure not to use Bliss with latex protection, as any oil-based product can degrade latex and render it ineffective.

Bliss is for everyone and everybody. “”

How To Use Ananda Touch Bliss Lubricant?

Shake well before use.  Really, though, shake it up!  For optimal results, apply at least 15 minutes before getting (too) busy.  Apply to wherever you desire, as Bliss is safe for use inside and out.  Use that extra time to your advantage.  Build anticipation and take a few more minutes; Then, find your Bliss!

You can use Bliss safely and liberally. A quarter-sized amount is suitable for many, but some may need more. This is perfectly fine.  And while we recommend 15 minutes of anticipation, some may benefit from waiting even longer.  Discover what works best for you.

Just be sure not to use Bliss with latex protection, as any oil-based product can degrade latex and render it ineffective.

Additional Information

Each bottle of Ananda Bliss contains 250 mg of active cannabinoids. A true Seed-to-Shelf product,  Ananda’s parent company Ecofibre Ltd. owns the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank consisting of over 300+ cultivars and ascensions gathered from nearly every continent on the planet.

Quality Tested

All Ananda Hemp products are rigorously tested to achieve the highest quality, premium hemp oil product on the market.

By the time product reaches you, the hemp extracts have been tested at least three times to ensure potency, contaminant, quality, and consistency. Ananda uses only notable, third-party certified cannabis and food testing labs to verify the consistency of our product.

Made And Grown In The USA

Ananda is proud to say their hemp oil products are 100% grown and processed in the USA and certified by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture. Ananda Hemp is one of the largest producers of domestic hemp, grown by Kentucky farmers on over 500 acres.

Unlike many of other competitors, Ananda Hemp does not use imported CBD extract which is not compliant with the Farm Bill. They do not produce any product from the stalks of the hemp plant. Ananda Hemp is fully compliant with Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, and their Hemp Oil products are 100% legal in all 50 states and Kentucky Proud.

Ananda Touch bliss Oil FAQs

Who Should Use Ananda Touch Bliss Oil?
Ananda Touch Bliss oil can benefit users who want to enhance their sexual experience through a lubricant. It could also be helpful for issues like vaginal dryness or other sexual dysfunction.

Is Ananda Touch Bliss Oil for men or women?
This product can be used by both men and women.

How long before this product takes effect?
Bliss works best when applied at least fifteen minutes before sexual activity. I encourage folks to use those 15 minutes between the application and the main event to slow down and take their time.

Can you use latex protection such as a condom while using this product?
Do not use Bliss with latex protection, as any oil-based product can degrade latex and render it ineffective.

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