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Green Roads CBD is a high-end CBD company that strives to provide its customers with what it calls the “Green Roads Difference.” It was founded by Laura Fuentes, a pharmacist of 25 years who began to make CBD for her family and friends as a way of helping them deal with common physical ailments. That passion project eventually evolved into Green Roads CBD, one of the best CBD companies that offer a wide and unique array of CBD products.

Green Roads CBD is more than just a run of the mill CBD company. It has won numerous awards for its products and been featured on multiple national news programs. It’s size, various types of CBD and award-winning product lines have all helped to make Green Roades CBD one of the better known and more innovative CBD companies on the market to date.

Product Line

Green Roads has a wide, wide array of products far more than the average CBD company. As a result, it is highly likely that one of their products will fit your needs.

CBD Oils & Tinctures

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As noted on its website Green Roads CBD currently offers 14 different types of CBD oils. These oils come in a tincture format. Interestingly, Green Roads also offers a unique “plunger system,” which describes how they package their tinctures and allow for the product to be extracted from the bottle. This system helps to ensure accurate dosing. Something can be a challenge with CBD products.

Tinctures offered by Green Roads CBD include a variety of different types and flavors, including:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Mighty), 50 MG/ML, $149.99
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Moderate), 25 MG/ML, $89.99
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Mild), 10 MG/ML, $44.99
  • Sweet Sleep CBD Oil 750mg
  • CBD Nightly Dose, Sweet Sleep 25mg

The website also lists a few “daily dose” CBD Oil’s that come with the plunger system.

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CBD Topicals

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The website also lists a variety of topics, along with a relatively comprehensive discussion about how CBD can be used. Examples include:

  • 70MG Travel Size CBD Skin Cream Relief, $129.99
  • 350MG CBD Muscle and Joint Cream, $44.99
  • 50MG Travel Size CBD Muscle and Joint Relief, $11.99
  • 200MG Skin Relief Cream, $39.99

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CBD Edibles

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One of the things which has differentiated Green Roads CBD from its competitors is its wide array of broadly available products, and its edibles section is no exception. It offers a wide array of products, including more than just the standard gummies. Examples include:

  • 300MG Relax Bears, $43.99
  • 50MG Sleepy Z’s, $9.49 (2 per package)
  • 25MG CBD Froggie, $4.75
  • 50MG CBD Froggie, $6.49
  • 50MG Relax Bear, $7.49
  • 100MG Sour Froggies, $15.99
  • 100MG Froggies, $15.99
  • 50MG Fruit Bite, $6.49
  • Sweet Sleep CBD Oil 30CT 750mg

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CBD Capsules & Softgels

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  • 25MG CBD Softgels, $49.99
  • 25MG CBD Relax Capsules, $49.99
  • 25MG CBD Sleep Capsules, $49.99

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CBD for Pets

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CBD for Pets is a relatively new area, but many pet owners swear by it, finding that CBD can help control their pets anxiety and find relief from a number of potential problems. Green Roads has multiple CBD offerings for their pets, including:

  • CBD Pet Drops for Medium Dogs, $39.99
  • CBD Pet Drops for Cats, $19.99

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CBD Drinks

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One of the more interesting areas of expansion for the CBD product line is the growth into food and drink. Gummies are no longer the only way of consuming CBD, and Green Lines has leaned into this area, offering an array of teas and coffeesv that are infused with CBD. Examples include:

  • 7MG CBD Tea Bag (2 grams), $2.99
  • Hemp Flower Coffee, Founders Blend (2.5oz), $14.99

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Indulgence Line

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Here’s where things start to get really interesting. CBD is expanding into a whole new array of products, and Green Roads clearly has many of these for sale, offering many new CBD products that had been unheard of as recently as a year ago, including a slew of CBD bath bombs.

  • 150MG Refresh CBD Bath Balm $17.99
  • 150MG Unwind CBD Bath Balm $17.99

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Green Roads CBD History

Again, one of the more exciting facets of Green Roads CBD is the fact that they weren’t started by a multi-national conglomerate. Green Roades can trace its origins back to one person who was looking to help their friend.

Green Roads CBD was founded by Laura Fuentes, a licensed compounding pharmacist. She had a friend named Arby Barroso, who struggled with a variety of health issues. Desperate to help her friend, Laura turned to created CBD on the weekends and after work, and Arby’s health began to improve.

Inspired by this experience, Laura and Arby launched Green Roads CBD in an effort to bring the benefits of CBD to others. This was in the mid-2010s, and CBD was in a strange gray area in terms of legality. Regulations were extremely stringent, and many financial, manufacturing, and transportation companies would not work with Green Roads. Looking to expand their efforts, Laura & Arby brought in Danny Perdeck and Jimmy Tundidor as cofounders. The four worked together to further develop their business.

Their persistence paid off: CBD was formally legalized in 2018, and business exploded. Green Roads CBD is now sold in over 10,000 retail locations. According to the Brightfield Research Group, Green Roads CBD is the largest privately-owned CBD company in the United States.

Not bad for someone who wanted to make their friend feel better!

CBD University

One of the more exciting facets of Green Roads CBD is that they seem to be genuinely dedicated to enhancing customer awareness and knowledge about CBD.

Every CBD business knows that they are in an exciting situation. CBD was legalized at the federal level in late 2018 as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill spurred a veritable gold rush of CBD businesses that seemed to pop up overnight, selling a wide array of CBD goods and making all sorts of claims about what CBD can and cannot do.

What the legalization didn’t do was increase any consumer’s knowledge about what CBD is and what it is scientifically proven to be able to do. As a result, confusion has reigned about CBD, it’s components, side effects, potential impacts, and more. Many people are too scared to try CBD, believing (wrongly) that it is illegal or will get them high.

That’s where Green Roads’ CBD University comes in. The website has an entire section dedicated to answering common questions about CBD, like what it is, how it works and what its various benefits are.

This CBD University has two benefits for Green Roads. First is obvious: It helps consumers understand what CBD is and makes them more comfortable with buying the product – including, potentially, buying it straight off of Green Roads’ website. Second is less obvious but also relevant: CBD University builds trust in Green Roads CBD. A look at any one of the pages in their CBD university uses scientific information and strictly adheres to federal guidelines while explaining what CBD does and does not do. In doing so, they build trust and credibility in a non-salesy way. This, of course, can only help the company sell products.

“The Green Roads Difference”

There are hundreds of CBD companies on the market today, all selling products that have a wide range of overlap. As a result, companies like Green Roads CBD are forced to find new and creative ways to differentiate themselves.

Green Roads has chosen to do so by striving to position itself as a leader in quality control and producing high-quality products, and all while helping their customers find a CBD product that will work for them. Their website proudly advertises what it calls the “Green Roads Difference,” which are four items that it says helps their brand stand out from the rest.

Award-winning CBD products

Despite the fact that the industry is so young, Green Roads can proudly claim that it is the recipient of numerous CBD awards, including:

  • • Winner, Best CBD Products, 2018 Cannabis Business Awards
  • • Winner, Most Innovative Product, Green Roads Coffee, 2019 Cannabis Business Awards
  • • Winner, Best CBD Products, 2019 Cannabis Awards

The company also notes that its products have been featured on many international media programs, including CBS, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Now This News and more.

American-farmed Hemp

As noted on their website, all hemp used for the purpose of creating CBD is farmed in America. This is important for reasons other than simply trying to keep your money inside of the United States. The 2018 Farm Bill and subsequent related legislation and regulations set out the process by which states can regulate and license the creation of hemp farms. Each state must create a hemp farming plan that meets a variety of guidelines, including security, testing, analysis, and more. Those plans must be approved by the federal government and then enforced by the state.

The CBD market may need enhanced consumer protections, but it is safe to say that the area of hemp growth is surprisingly well regulated in the United States. This is not necessarily the case in other countries, many of which continue to show problems when it comes to controlling hemp growth. Of course, the black market hemp is not regulated. As a result, it may contain many impurities and be dangerous.

American hemp is important for precisely this reason: It is tightly regulated. Workers who work in this process must meet minimum security checks and have their safety protected. As a result, American hemp is absolutely safer for you and the workers who farm and process it.

Pharmacist-formulated products

Green Roads’ website notes that Laura Fuentes, the company’s original founder, is a licensed compounding pharmacist with 25 years of experience. The company has also brought in two other similarly experienced pharmacists as they grow. According to the company’s website, these pharmacists are given a wide range of control over the product line, ensuring that everything they create is backed by science and consumer safety.
Professional and rigorous lab testing

Professional and rigorous lab testing

An oft-cited 2017 University of Pennsylvania study pointed out an uncomfortable truth when it comes to labeling and CBD: Far too many companies don’t do it right. That study tested 81 CBD products and found that nearly 70% were mislabeled. This study, and a lack of consumer protections enacted by the Food & Drug Administration, have made many questions whether or not CBD products can even be trusted to be accurately labeled.

Many companies have noted this and have worked to rebuild consumer trust. As a result, more reputable companies have turned to third-party testing to perform appropriate analysis on a CBD product and list what products are contained in the CBD that their customers are about to ingest.

Green Roads CBD has an entire section of their website dedicated to discussing the independent testing that they conduct. They note that they test every batch of every product via a laboratory that they have absolutely no relationship with. Each CBD batch then comes with an individualized QR code that will allow a consumer to review the lab report of that product.

FAQs About Green Roads CBD

Is Green roads CBD good?
Green Roads CBD oil is one of the best and science-backed CBD oil manufacturers in the market.

What is Green Roads CBD oil used for?
Green Roads CBD oil is used for their tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more. You can check their website for all the product lists they have. As for the benefits, generally, CBD oil is used for pain, inflammation, and much more. You can check this guide for the whole benefits of CBD.

Where to buy Green Roads CBD oil near me?
You can buy green roads CBD products in CBD stores, retail stores around America. You can also buy them online from their website.

Where does the hemp come from for Green Roads?
Green Roads hemp is grown from the farms in America with the highest standards and excellent cultivation processes.

Concluding thoughts

There is no doubt about it: Green Roads CBD is a professional organization. They emphasize essential values like honesty, transparency, and consumer satisfaction. They are dedicated to producing high-quality CBD products that are highly innovative and unique. They also have a slew of programs designed to assist others, including a rewards program, their CBD university, discounts for Veterans and more.

In short, this is an impressive website and an impressive looking company that offers a wide range of CBD services and products you cannot find anywhere else.

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