Receptra Naturals CBD Oil Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Most Receptra Naturals CBD oil reviews come out as overwhelmingly positive. Are they really the best CBD brand today? Do they live up to the hype? Can their products deliver what their fans suggest that they do?

We can’t take those good reviews at face value. Companies only highlight the ones that make them look good. Those actions, along with the lack of industry regulation, means we must perform our own research.

It’s worth the effort. A good quality CBD oil provides a wealth of benefits. But let’s take a closer look at Receptra Naturals CBD. We’ll look at the brand, its history, and its products to find out if it is a reliable option for users.

About Receptra

Rusty Scott founded Receptra in 2015 out of sheer frustration. He injured his knee and turned to commercially available CBD products. He was shocked at the results. Most brands didn’t live up to their promises.

Rusty didn’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals. His only alternative was to create his own effective formulation. He started his business in Colorado.

The family-owned company now ships nationwide.

What Do They Do Differently?

They Use Organic, Non-GMO Hemp Flowers

Receptra Naturals partners with organic hemp farmers who don’t use genetically modified plants. Receptra extracts the oils from the hemp flower and leaves. These elements contain high levels of CBD and other phytocannabinoids.

Hand-Harvested Hemp

Hand-harvesting is more labor-intensive, but it prevents the deterioration of the phytocannabinoids. The farmer removes the stems and stalks, preventing damage to the flowers or leaves.

The stems don’t have large amounts of beneficial compounds. They contain fat and chlorophyll that dilutes the effectiveness of the final product.

Lower quality oils that incorporate these ingredients tend to taste bitter.

Independently Tested

The growing conditions play an essential role in the beneficial compounds a plant contains. Variances in temperature can play havoc on results from one year to the next. The extraction process also influences the effectiveness of the end product.

The point is that you must test each batch to ensure its makeup. Receptra has its products independently tested, which ensures that there’s no testing bias. And they publish the results on their website because they’re committed to transparency.

They Started With a Focus on Athletes

The brand started with a focus on athletes. The benefits of using the oil for athletes are:(See this article for full info):

  • Faster recovery times
  • Better sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Improved focus

CBD oil derived from hemp is naturally low in THC. The products contain less than 0.3 milligrams of THC and comply with state regulations. Trace amounts like this are less likely to show up in test results.

The company has since extended its range to include oils aimed at targeting other health issues, such as stress relief.

Full-Spectrum Products

The company’s focus on producing a full-spectrum oil helped it gain popularity fast. Full-spectrum oils contain all the beneficial compounds from the plant. These elements work together synergistically, providing greater benefits.

Should you take a full- or broad-spectrum oil?

Find out by reading our comparison of full- and broad-spectrum products.

They List the Amount Per Dose

The strengths per dose are 25, 33, 50, and 66 milligrams, which makes it less confusing for the user. Why? Let’s try a comparison.

Which of the following bottles contains a stronger concentration?

  • The one-ounce, 25mg Serious Relief
  • A one-ounce, 500mg from a different brand

Number 2 seems like the natural selection, but it’s the wrong answer. A typical brand lists the amount of CBD in the bottle rather than in a dose.

Assuming that you take the maximum dose daily, there are about 30 doses in one bottle. With option two, that means dividing the 500-milligram contents between 30 doses. You effectively get just over 16.5 milligrams per dose.

The Serious Relief bottle contains the same amount of liquid. To work out the total CBD content:

Multiply the number of doses by the amount per dose: 30 times 25mg is equal to 750 milligrams.

It’s easier to gauge the strength when the company quotes the amount per dose. Then you only need to work out your optimal daily dose.

What Products Are in the Receptra Naturals CBD Range?

The Tinctures

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Making a tincture is a traditional way to extract the goodness from herbs. You soak the plant matter in alcohol, and then, those following conventional methods heat the mixture over a low temperature.

Receptra Naturals uses a cold ethanol extraction process instead. Cold extraction is less damaging to the cannabinoids than heat extraction.

After the Receptra Naturals staff extracts the oil, they allow the alcohol to evaporate, leaving only the extract behind. They mix this with MCT and other carrier oils.

How To Take the Tinctures

Placing the drops under your tongue is the best option. Hold the drops there for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Taking CBD this way allows it to bypass the digestive tract. You’ll feel the effects faster as a result.

You may instead mix it in with your food or juice if you prefer.

What Dose To Use?

It’s always best to start slowly. Fill the pipette until it’s a quarter full. Alternatively, count out the drops for a more accurate dose.

It isn’t easy to feel the individual droplets as they drip under your tongue. Make it easier for yourself by storing the bottle in the refrigerator. When the liquid is cold, it’s easier to distinguish each successive drop.

Choose the method that’s easiest for you. Take two to three doses a day and see how you respond. If you don’t feel much of a difference after a week, add another drop or two.

The maximum recommended dose is a full pipette three times a day. If you need to take more, consider switching to a higher concentration.

Serious Wellness

Serious Wellness is a high-dose formulation. It provides 50 milligrams of CBD per dose, and an excellent choice for people who:

  • Experience anxiety
  • Have trouble relaxing
  • Are in pain
  • Battle with tense muscles
  • Have severe inflammation

The tincture is mixed into MCT oil to make it more bioavailable.

Who Might Like Serious Wellness?

Someone with chronic pain or anxiety will benefit most from this product. It’ll also work for those who’ve built up a tolerance for lower dosages.

People who prefer wholly natural products like simplicity. Serious Wellness doesn’t win any taste awards, but it’s not unpleasant. You quickly get used to the natural flavor.

We don’t recommend it for someone just starting. Please don’t take it unless you know how CBD oil affects you.

Why Not for Beginners?

Most people find that the compounds relax them. A small percentage of the population has an adverse reaction to cannabidiol. In these people, the mixture increases anxiety and alertness.

If you’ve never used any CBD, start with the lower strength. Choose the lowest dose possible. You’ll need less than you realize because the compounds are potent.

Take your first dose when you don’t have work the next day. If you don’t feel more relaxed, you may increase the amount. Increase the dosage in small increments only if necessary.

Serious Rest

Serious Rest improves sleep. The MCT oil also contains valerian, chamomile, and linalool extracts. All three extracts support restful sleep.

The formulation comes in two strengths — 25mg, 33mg, and 66mg. Take it about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

Who Might Like Serious Rest?

The lower concentration works well if you’re trying CBD for the first time. The added herbal extracts enhance the sleep-boosting power of the mixture.

It’s strictly for use at night.

Serious Relief

Serious Relief contains turmeric and avocado oil to combat inflammation. The avocado oil provides essential fatty acids that reduce inflammatory compounds in the blood. The formulation speeds recovery and eases muscle stiffness.

It’s also available in concentrations of 25mg, 33mg, and 66mg. You may divide the dosage and take it throughout the day. This option is a rebrand of the “Active” range.

Who Might Like Serious Relief?

The formulation works well for athletes or those battling chronic pain. The curcumin in the turmeric fights systemic inflammation.

If you mix the dose with food, add some pepper too. Piperine in pepper boosts the bioavailability of curcumin. If you’re taking it sublingually, this isn’t important, though, because the oil enters the bloodstream through tissues under the tongue.

Serious Relax

Serious Relax contains lavender oil, passionflower, and limonene. The extracts keep you calm and better able to focus.

This product assists in dealing with stress and anxiety. It comes in strengths of 25 mg, 33 mg, and 66 mg. You can take it during the day.

Who Might Like Serious Relax?

Serious Relax is an excellent all-around product. It’ll help you better deal with stress, without making you drowsy. This product is a good starter option.

The Capsules

receptra naturals cbd capsule brand page banner

Some people prefer to take capsules. It’s easy to get the right dose and is more convenient. Pills are more manageable when you’re traveling.

Take them a little earlier than you would the tincture. It takes a while for the gel format to work its way through the digestive system.

The capsules are easy to swallow and tasteless.

Who Might Like the Capsules?

The capsules are best for people who need a portable option. If you’re concerned about getting the right dosage, capsules are easier than tinctures.


receptra naturals cbd topicals brand page banner

There are thousands of cannabinoid receptors under the skin. Cannabinoids, in the right carrier, are easily absorbed. Topicals, applied to the skin, deliver pain relief and alleviate swelling.

All the topical products contain:

  • Arnica: Arnica eases muscle stiffness, heals bruising, and aids recovery. It’s a useful herb for someone who’s active, or someone getting back into shape.
  • Camphor: Camphor soothes pain, relaxes muscles, and relieves irritation.
  • Jojoba: Jojoba is a carrier oil. It’s highly nourishing for the skin and soothes irritation and dryness.

The topicals come in three formats.

Body Oil

This formula combines jojoba, vitamin E, camphor, arnica oil, and lavender. The liquid spreads easily and works well for massages.

Dispense a little into your hands. Rub your hands to warm the liquid. Then apply it to tense, sore muscles.

Who Might Like the Body Oil?

It’ll be best for when you’re at home. The oil is a little messy to apply and may spill while traveling.

You may use it instead of body lotion on dry skin. The jojoba doesn’t clog the pores and won’t cause breakouts.

Some people with oily skin find jojoba too rich. If you prefer a more neutral feel, look for a product with grapeseed oil.

The lavender scent is well-tolerated by most. It calms and is useful in easing tension headaches.

Hemp Balm

A balm is thicker in texture than a lotion. This property makes it pleasant when you’re traveling. This product contains the same base ingredients as the body oil.

Instead of lavender extract, you get:

  • Ylang-Ylang: Ylang-ylang has a rich exotic scent. It’s profoundly relaxing and soothes the skin. It may trigger headaches, though, in those sensitive to intense aromas.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine has a floral, sweet scent. It balances emotions and soothes irritated nerves.
Who Might Like the Balm?

The balm is a good option to have on the go. It’s not as messy as the oil. The ylang-ylang and jasmine oils are excellent for the skin.

The scent of ylang-ylang may cause headaches in some people. If this is the case for you, try using it in low concentrations away from the face. Discontinue use if the pain continues.

Targeted Topical Stick

The stick has all the ingredients that the balm has. The texture is solid to make it easy to apply for spot relief. Use it much as you would a roll-on deodorant.

Who Might Like the Targeted Topical Stick?

This product is for active people. Keep it in your gym bag for when you overwork a muscle.

Pet Tincture

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The final range of products is for our pets. Dogs, cats, and other pets have a similar endocannabinoid system to our own. CBD products benefit them in much the same ways that they do us.

The difference is in the dosage. Your pet is a lot smaller than you, so they need far less. Weigh your pet to work out the maximum amount.

A safe formula is 0.2 milligrams for every pound of weight.

FAQs About Receptra Naturals

What is Receptra used for?
Receptra CBD products may help in treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, trouble sleeping, and many others. You can check the whole benefits of CBD here.

Is Receptra CBD organic?
Receptra Naturals hemp products are 100% organic. They use high-quality hemp to make sure their products are all high grade. You can check more information about their products on their website.

How do you use Receptra CBD oils?
In terms of consuming the oil, it is not different from any other CBD oil or tinctures. Just simply use the dropper and drop your desired amount in your tongue.

What is Receptra’s Return Policy?
If you are not satisfied with any of Receptra Naturals CBD products, you can request a refund within 30 days after purchase.

How long does it take for Receptra products to arrive?
It always depends on the shipping option, but generally, it will take 1-3 days before your purchase arrives at your door.

It’s a Wrap

It seems as though the Receptra Naturals CBD oil reviews are correct. The company goes out of its way to ensure that they deliver a reliable product.

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