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Are you new to CBD and looking for high-quality products to get the most out of your experience? Pure Spectrum CBD is worth a try!

Being the first cannabis brand to partner with a professional sports organization (The CrossFit Games 2018) and an Olympics Governing Body (USA Triathlon 2019), Pure Spectrum CBD has five years of experience in CBD-based wellness. Over the years, they have gained recognition worldwide and are trusted by many for their premium-quality CBD products.

This definitive review has everything you need to know before buying Pure Spectrum CBD products, including the company’s philosophy, what they offer, shipping details, their refund policy, exclusive discounts, and what really makes them one of the most respected CBD oil companies today.

Let’s get into it!

Pure Spectrum CBD – Their Story and Vision

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur and CBD enthusiast Brady Bell, Pure Spectrum is a Colorado-based CBD brand that strives to provide high-quality products to everyone. Their founder has roots in the Kansas farming community and years of experience working with cannabis brands.

Pure Spectrum CBD started in the basement of Brady’s Colorado house, where he envisioned an independent brand that manufactured only the best CBD products without compromising on quality or standards.

In the past five years, Pure Spectrum CBD has evolved from its humble origins in Evergreen, Colorado, into one of the leading CBD brands in the market. Right now, Pure Spectrum CBD products are being sold in all 50 states and 80 different countries worldwide.

Pure Spectrum is a CBD brand designed for athletes. Their high-potency products help people stay at the top of their game and get the most out of their bodies during exertion.

The company’s commitment to its customers is simple – to promote health and wellness by introducing people to the therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant.

Quality Assurance

Using USDA-certified hemp to extract their CBD, Pure Spectrum is committed to ensuring the highest standards possible in everything they do. Every manufacturing process goes through careful evaluation and quality control. Moreover, they use a CO2 extraction method to remove unwanted chlorophyll and plant waxes to get a pure, final product.

Native Experience in Farming

The company has years of experience with CBD and comprehensive knowledge of hemp farming. Their founder, Brady Bell, has roots in the American Farming community and a strong background in the cannabis industry. Pure Spectrum products are 100% organic, derived from hemp that is grown and harvested in the USA. Pure Spectrum recently partnered with Colorado River Hemp and are looking to expand their acreage of family farms.

Commitment to Research

Dedicated to revolutionizing the CBD industry, Pure Spectrum has connections with Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, Cannabis Research Foundation, and many reputable universities. They are committed to improving research efforts and acquiring more evidence about the benefits of CBD so that more people show the willingness to explore hemp-based wellness.

Testing Transparency

All Pure Spectrum CBD products are third-party lab tested, with reports easily accessible on their website. Testing also ensures that you are getting a THC-free product with pure, unadulterated cannabidiol.

Affordable pricing

After reports of Pure Spectrum CBD products being too-pricey for consumers, the company decided to cut down on prices for the second time, while increasing the amount of CBD to twice the original in their topicals and other products.

Product Line

Pure Spectrum CBD provides a variety of CBD products ranging from pure CBD Oil, tinctures, topicals, isolates, etc. You can shop by sub-brand or type. Apart from the original Pure Spectrum CBD products, they have a line called Black Label that is specific to athletes or people trying to achieve an active lifestyle. You can also find CBD products labeled EndoPet, a sub-brand for people looking to buy CBD for pets.

As of October 2020, the company has suspended its line of vape products, but this might change in the future based on CDC regulations. Here is a list of products that they offer:

Pure Spectrum CBD Oils

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Pure Spectrum CBD manufactures premium-quality CBD Oil tinctures that have a unique phytocannabinoid profile and are THC-free for regularly drug-tested athletes.

There are no artificial flavors added to the extract, and the carrier oil used is good, old fractionated coconut oil or MCT. Hence, Pure Spectrum CBD oils have a mild-earthy, natural taste of hemp. People who are not fond of this taste might not like it.

These CBD tinctures come in two different variants or strengths. The regular ones come in a dark blue bottle, designed to prevent steady degradation of the extract when exposed to light. You can get 17mg of pure cannabidiol in 1ml servings of this variant.

On the other hand, their Black Label recovery products feature a CBD oil tincture with a higher potency. These come in a black bottle with an appealing label. Each 1ml serving contains 84mg of pure, unadulterated CBD suspended in MCT Oil.

Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals

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You can find a wide variety of Pure Spectrum CBD topicals on their website. These are high-quality CBD-infused salves, lotions, cremes, and bath soaks that you can use to relax, rejuvenate, and recover.

Previously, you would be looking at 250mg of CBD, but now Pure Spectrum has doubled its CBD concentrations in their topicals and other products. Their salves contain all-natural ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils, making them perfect for massaging target areas of pain and inflammation.

The best part about these topicals is that they are not oily and have a thick consistency, so you will not be feeling all sweaty and weird when you apply them to your skin.

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate

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For people already familiar with CBD products, CBD isolate is the most versatile option. You can use it for baking, cooking, and mixing with your favorite foods and other ingredients. Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate is the typical 99% pure, organically grown hemp extract.

You can choose between serving sizes of 1 gram (1000mg), 5 grams (5000mg), 10 grams (10,000mg), 20 grams (20,000mg) and 50 grams (50,000mg)

Pure Spectrum CBD for Pets

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Pure Spectrum CBD products are not just limited to you, and there is a sub-brand known as EndoPet that includes a line of pet-friendly products for your furry friends. You can get CBD oil for both cats and dogs, which helps them maintain good health.

How to Buy Pure Spectrum CBD Products

We recommend buying Pure Spectrum CBD products directly from their website as it is quite user-friendly. You can choose products from the Pure Spectrum family of brands, including Black Label and EndoPet.

Pure Spectrum products were previously available on a UK-based CBD distributor site, but since the brand’s recent renovation, the new products are currently out of stock there.

Refund Policy

Pure Spectrum CBD accepts unopened packages for a full refund within one month of purchase. You can contact them through the email mentioned on the website. They do not entertain refund applications for opened packages or returns due to the taste of the product.

Shipping and Delivery

Free shipping is applicable on orders of $150 or more. All orders are shipped using US FirstClass Mail, and verification of shipping details occurs at checkout. Processing of all information and shipping happens only on working days (Monday to Friday), and the whole process takes 24 hours for completion.

Domestic orders typically take 7-10 working days until they are delivered. However, for international customers, delivery takes up to 5 weeks, and you might have to pay additional charges for customs clearance.

There is an interactive chat button on their website for customer support, but it is only responsive from 8am-6 pm MST.

Discount for Army Veterans

The best part about Pure Spectrum CBD is that they have a special Heroes Program for military personnel, first responders, and army veterans.

You can apply with proof of service to be eligible for the program and get exclusive discounts on all of their products.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Pure Spectrum CBD is a great place to buy premium-quality CBD products. It is endorsed by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world, which makes it more credible for new people in the CBD community. Furthermore, their transparency of testing reports is well-appreciated too.

While Pure Spectrum markets its products as organic, there is no mention of other contaminants such as fertilizers and pesticides in their lab reports. Although the products are great, it would be nice to see a more comprehensive test report.

There is also a need for separate distributors so that more people can enjoy high-quality products from them. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Pure Spectrum CBD is one of the leading and rapidly progressing brands in the CBD market, and we recommend you to try their product line.

FAQs About Pure Spectrum CBD

Who owns Pure Spectrum CBD?
Brady Bell, a cannabis enthusiast, and entrepreneur, with roots in the American farming community, founded Pure Spectrum CBD in 2015.

Is Pure Spectrum CBD Oil good?
Pure Spectrum CBD Oil products are extracted from high-quality, USDA-certified hemp and are third-party lab tested to ensure a THC-free final product. They are endorsed by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

How to store Pure Spectrum CBD Products?
Store your Pure Spectrum CBD Oil in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight so that it does not degrade.

How do I tell if my CBD product is pure?
Make sure your CBD brand offers third-party lab testing to eliminate the possibility of contaminants. Pure CBD Oil should look like honey, and have an earthy, nutty taste.

What does Pure Spectrum CBD Oil taste like?
There are no artificial flavorings in any of the products and you should have CBD Oil that has a mild, earthy taste. Each batch of products is derived from a different plant so the taste can vary.

Does Pure Spectrum CBD offer products for pets?
Yes, they have a line of pet-friendly products for your dogs and cats known as EndoPet. You can find out more information on their website here.

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