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Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the hottest trends in health and wellness today. It offers therapeutic benefits that range from lowered anxiety to help with insomnia. As a result, companies around the world are getting in on the $3 billion industry, which could be as large as $20 billion by 2024.

The popularity of CBD, however, has unfortunately led to a murky market ripe with misinformation and less-than-reputable sellers.  To help you parse through the world of CBD—at least in regard to one product—today, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Naysa CBD with an in-depth review of this self-proclaimed premium-grade wholesale oil. Are they really one of the best CBD oil brands? Let’s find out!

Overview of Naysa CBD Oil

According to the Naysa website, their CBD oil is amongst the highest quality on the market. Their oil uses natural ingredients from hemp plants organically grown and sourced in the United States.

Naysa makes a point to emphasis the quality of its phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. For instance, the company notes that their source hemp plants don’t use pesticides, fertilizers, solvents, or other harsh chemicals. They also don’t contain GMOs or gluten.

Similarly, Naysa promotes the ethical manufacturing of its CBD oil. All its oils come with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, which is a form of international accreditation for laborers. The review process ensures consistent control and production standards for products.

Naysa CBD oil consists of just two ingredients—phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and natural flavor. As a full-spectrum product with a base made from hemp seed, you’ll reap all the benefits the Cannabis Sativa plant has to offer without having to worry about dangerous additives.

It’s also important to note that this product is not for users to get “high.” The oil does not contain psychoactive ingredients, like THC, which are associated with feelings of elevation, euphoria, and energy. Instead, you’ll experience a full-body mellowness that may be sedative.

Benefits of Naysa CBD Oil

CBD oil has a wide range of potential benefits. Without getting into an in-depth scientific explanation, the compound impacts cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These receptors control functions for pain, emotion, coordination, and immunity.

Cannabinoids stimulate these receptors, so they produce a pleasant feeling throughout the body. Some people compare the sensation of CBD to having a glass of wine. Most users feel at ease without being intoxicated. As a result, some of the potential benefits include:

Pain Relief


Pain relief is one of the primary uses of Naysa CBD oil. Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties that make them ideal for medical purposes. It can also treat ailments, such as stiffness, joint aches, and chronic pain.

This effect is possible because of how CBD influences receptors. In this case, the CBD makes the TRPV1 receptor less sensitive to pain, sensory perception, and inflammation. Put another way: the CBD blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain so that users can experience relief from their ailments.

Several studies back up the idea that CBD is a source of pain relief. One 2017 study found reductions in acute inflammation for male rats with osteoarthritis and a potential remedy for nerve damage. Researchers in 2016 also found that CBD can treat diabetic symptoms, as the oil reduces early pancreatic inflammation.

Reduced Anxiety

While the psychoactive elements of marijuana can make someone more anxious, CBD has the opposite effect. In fact, one of the common uses for Naysa CBD oil is to lower anxiety levels. Similar to the biological reaction with the TRPV1 receptors for pain relief, CBD oil desensitizes people to stress.

CBD oils might treat conditions beyond traditional anxiety. That includes, but is not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. So far, there is preliminary research that backs up this anecdotal evidence.

A 2015 analysis of previous studies on CBD oil found the product can treat a range of anxiety disorders. Researchers cited CBD oil as having “considerable potential,” even though treatments were limited to acute doses. A study from 2011 also found positive effects between cannabidiol use and less anxiety during public speaking.

Better Sleep

CBD is known to help people sleep at night. At the right dosage, the oil has a sedative quality, which can make users feel a little more tired than they usually would be. As CBD also relieves anxiety, it may help users who suffer from insomnia sleep by calming the mind so the body can rest. Studies support this assertion, as well.

Improved Skin

Better skin may be in the future of Naysa CBD oil users. The oil is a promising solution for skin conditions, such as acne. That is because the cannabinoids work to moderate the production of inflammation and sebum, which contribute to acne.

While CBD oil does not have the current scientific evidence to merit dermatologist recommendations, there are promising studies. Plus, CBD oil is relatively safe compared to other moisturizers and creams, which the FDA does not regulate. Naysa may be a smart move for individuals who want to enhance their skincare routine despite having sensitive skin.

How to Use Naysa CBD Oil

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The only limit to Naysa CBD oil is in your imagination. You can take CBD through foods, beverages, creams, topicals, edibles, and more. Tinctures are one of the best starting places for beginning users.

Applying CBD oil involves filling a dropper with the vacuum pressure handle and squeezing again to release the contents. Frequently, these drops are placed beneath the tongue to be absorbed sublingually before swallowing the remainder of the dose.

Tinctures provide an easily quantifiably dosage that allows you to pace your experience accordingly — taking tinctures sublingually is particularly useful because the CBD oil can go directly into your bloodstream, instead of going through your digestive system, like edibles, supplements, or other foods. Note that the precise dosage you’ll need varies based on your age, weight, health, and tolerance. The benefit you’re hoping to achieve also plays a factor.

Refund Policy

You can’t purchase products from Naysa in the same way they would at a local dispensary. They are a wholesale provider, meaning they market their products in bulk to other sellers who then sell them to consumers.

If you want to return Naysa CBD oil, you have to contact the store or site where you found the product. Each business has specific standards and policies when it comes to refunds. Most organizations let customers return an item for a full refund if the product has the following:

  • The original packaging
  • The receipt or proof of purchase
  • Unbroken seal
  • Returned within 30 to 90 days

About Naysa

Naysa is a self-described “premium product line of CBD products.” The e-commerce company sells skincare, sprays, gummies, tinctures, capsules, and pet products through authorized Naysa retailers. As mentioned, customers can’t purchase products from the company website itself.

The brand name, Naysa, means “miracle of God,” and the company has a mission to “share the miracle” that is premium grade CBD. Naysa offers more than 150 different types of CBD products that come from 100 percent organically grown hemp. The hemp is also non-GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and organic.

All Naysa products go through testing from independent third-party labs. Furthermore, the company says top scientists and industry experts endorse their products. However, the company website itself does not share who these individuals are, what tests the products undergo, and where customers can find the results.

Some retailers selling the product for Naysa do share some of this information, such as test results—but its hit and miss. This does at least show they share this information with their wholesale buyers.

While it is not a complete red flag, this sparse information and lack of transparency straight from the company does raise an eyebrow. The website also mentions that it is a property of Jag Alliance, which is a wholesaler based in Jacksonville, Florida. A few sentences below read, “ makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contained on this website or any sites linked to or from this site.”

Equally concerning is the Naysa contact page or the lack thereof. Customers who have questions or concerns about Naysa products have no way of reaching out to the company for accountability. Again, these issues are not necessarily deal-breakers when it comes to product qualities. It likely means Naysa simply wants consumers to contact the retailers that sell their products rather than their office, but you still might take their proclaimed benefits and promotions with a grain of salt.


Where is NAYSA CBD sold?
You can purchase their products through authorized NAYSA resellers.

What does NAYSA mean?
According to their website, Naysa means “a miracle from GOD”.

Do NAYSA products undergo third-party lab tests?
According to their website, all of their products are third-party lab tested.

What type of CBD products does NAYSA offer?
Naysa offers tinctures, skincare products, gummies, pet products, and more. Please visit their website to check all of them.

Naysa CBD Oil Review: Summing It Up

Naysa is a wholesale dealer of organic, GMO-free CBD products made in the United States. Their products offer all the same benefits of CBD oil in general, and at least based on the company’s claims, are of high quality.

However, their wholesale status and apparent desire to redirect users to retailers rather than providing clear information on their site are a bit concerning. We stress the importance, then, of finding an authorized Naysa dealer you trust. We hope you enjoyed this NAYSA CBD review!

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