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Are you looking to try something exciting? Different? Extra-ordinary? Then there’s nothing better for you than Cannaflower. Just a mere glance at the Cannaflower website awakens the child in all of us; the play of colors, packaging, flavors, and designing really reflects their commitment to producing unique products. Without a doubt, Cannaflower has mastered artisan cannabis flowers and their products. They have transformed CBD products into a luxury, an exciting luxury.

Other than the range of strains and flavors that Cannaflower offers, their dedication to growing organic hemp plants is unmatched. From organic soil to hand-trimming to a slow curation process, Cannaflower really does everything possible to enhance the flavor profile of their CBD as naturally as possible in order to maintain its high-quality.

So, if you’re looking to try cannabis that is tailored to your mood and palate, Cannaflower is the way to go. If you’re just as intrigued as we are about this company then keep reading, we’re going to take you on a tour of everything they have to offer!

Cannaflower – About The Company

Cannaflower started 3 years ago as a company to cultivate premium artisan flowers, and serve its customers full-spectrum cannabis flower products with low THC content. Its aim has always been to provide excellent customer service and open its consumers to the world of whole-plant hemp products. The company has evolved its style and craftsmanship and transformed ordinary CBD products into extraordinary, luxurious, and interesting ones. Just looking at the packaging makes you super excited to try out their products.

The selection of products that Cannaflower offers is celebrated for its style, quality, aesthetic, convenience, and most importantly, its exciting tastes. Every product is tailored to your needs, depends on your mood, and your preferences. The collection of CBD flowers is certainly one of a kind.

The uniqueness of its products has built Cannaflower a platform and clout that brings customers from all across the United States. It currently has 300 stores but its presence mainly dominated the internet.

Why Choose Cannaflower?

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The biggest reason why we urge you to pick Cannaflower products is that it is a sucker for quality. Unlike almost all of the other producers of hemp flowers, Cannaflower doesn’t mass produce theirs. Instead, they are organically grown using all-natural methods. They show the utmost dedication to their CBD hemp buds that have won over the hearts of many cannabis connoisseurs.

At Cannafower, the hemp flowers are organically cultivated using conventional farming methods and natural processes. This is absolutely crucial for a premium hemp flower because cannabis is a bioaccumulator plant- this means that its roots absorb, bind, and accumulate everything that is present in the soil it is growing in regardless of whether it is good or bad. So, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, heavy metals, or harmful nitrates could eventually end up in the hemp flower if they are all present in the soil. These chemicals are injurious to health if consumed or inhaled and may even develop carcinogenic tendencies one heated.

But you can trust Cannaflower because the soil at the farms of Cannaflower is organic, super-soil, that contains all its natural components, such as probiotics and healthy organisms, that keep the roots of the plants healthy, happy, and strong. No chemicals, such as synthetic nutrients, herbicides, or pesticides are added to the soil. The hemp is hand-trimmed lovingly once it reaches the peak of its perfection.

Cannaflower goes a step further by curing its indoor, trimmed hemp plants for 60-days that brings out the best flavors. In fact, there is a tangible difference between organic and synthetic hemp flowers and that is their taste. Organically grown hemp flowers have a considerably pleasant taste, a much more complex terpene flavor profile, and offer a smoother smoking experience by taking the afterburn out of the picture.


CBD Whole Flowers

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The fastest and most powerful way to get your CBD is to smoke it. Cannaflower offers whole-plant CBD which has been reported to have an even more heightened entourage effect than just the hemp buds. Cannaflower also sells a variety of hemp plant strains and each has a unique effect on your mood. For example, some strains have an energizing effect, some have a more uplifting effect, and some may even have a relaxing or calming effect. Depending on what you’re preference is, you can choose a strain that is specific to your needs.

As aforementioned, the CBD plants do go through a 60-day slow-cure at Cannaflower for flavor development. So, the range of CBD flowers that Cannaflower offers has various aromas and differing terpene flavors.

There are a total of 19 flavors of CBD flowers that Cannaflower sells on its website and a few of them include Berry Cobbler, Frosted Lime, Sour Space Candy, Lemon Drop, and Rainbow Sherbert. Tempts your palette, right? Ours too. Upon clicking any of the packets, you can get a description of exactly what effect the CBD flower will have on your mood, which strain it is, and what flavor profile it has. You can choose the size of the packet of the flowers as well. It varies in terms of weight and you can get 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, or 1 ounce packets. Cannaflower also provides you a description of the various components present in the CBD flower along with the lab results for you to confirm the information.

If you can’t choose which flower to get then don’t worry, Cannaflower has you covered. You can get flower collections, each of which contains 3 to 4 different flavors of CBD flowers but have the same effect. For example, the Rest and Mindfulness flower collection offer 3 CBD flavors, Hawaiian Haze, Abacus, and OG Kush. And, all of these are meant to have a relaxing and calming effect. By getting the collection you can save quite a few bucks compared to if you bought the three of the flowers separately. Head over to the Cannaflower website to view the full range of CBD flowers and So, prepare your taste buds for the intricate dance of flavors of the CBD-rich flowers you will receive from Cannaflower.


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Another one of the amazing products that Cannaflower offers is its single-strain, small-batch, full-spectrum CBD oil. Each small batch of extracts is crafted carefully to preserve as much integrity of the whole plant as possible. Cannaflower mixes MCT oil with its CBD oils for rapid absorption and quick metabolization. The oils are also strain-specific, and each of them is designed to deliver a certain therapeutic effect. You can get 3 different oils:

  • Calm- Full Spectrum CBD Oil to lose anxiety while staying clear and focused
  • Rest- Full Spectrum CBD Oil to induce a calming sleep at the end of a long, hard day
  • Relief- Full Spectrum CBD Oil when you’re looking to relax in a safe and natural way

There’s even a collection of oils called the Flight of Oils that contains one of every oil bottle.

The oils are sold according to the amount of CBD they contain, 375 mg of CBD or 750 mg of CBD. If you visit the Cannaflower website, you’ll see that they’ve given the breakdown of compounds present in each of the oils. The bottles have a QR code printed on them which, if scanned, take you directly to the lab report of the oil.

CBD Pre-Rolls

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Cannaflower also sells CBD pre-rolled joints. These are elegantly designed joints, each containing 150 mg of CBD that you can share or enjoy all yourself. These pre-rolls are convenient, easy to consume, and sophisticated. They come in packs of 5 or you can get individual ones as well. You can also get them in different hemp strains and so, each of them would have a different effect on your mood. The packs come in Lift, Calm, Joy, and Rest whereas the individual pre-rolls come in Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Babba Kush, and Hawaiian Haze.

Discovery Box

Have you never tried cannabis but you’re curious to try it? Or are you looking for something to surprise your smoke buddy? Whatever the reason, the Discovery Box is just what you need. Cannaflower has designed its Discovery Box to include everything you need to start exploring different strains of hemp. But, the surprise is that you don’t get to choose what you get. Instead, they pick out 3 different strains for you, curate a perfect experience in a box, and ship it to you discreetly right to your doorstep!

How To Buy Cannaflower Products

Customer convenience is a top priority for Cannaflower which is why you can get your desired CBD products at your doorstep! Cannaflower delivers its products to every state in the continental United States (including Alaska and Hawaii but not Puerto Rico). You don’t even have to be worried about the weird glares people might give you for your product choices because Cannaflower ensures complete discretion and privacy for its customers. All orders are carefully double-bagged in a heat-sealed, nylon forensic bags. They are then shipped in a discreet box with a nondescript return address. All orders are processed and shipped after 2 days.

Cannaflower is so generous that it even offers free shipping on all orders above $50. Even better, thanks to us, at Learning CBD Oil, you can bag amazing deals by using the coupon code LCBD10 for your next order and get a whopping 10% discount on your purchase! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your magic potion today!

Final Thoughts

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Take ours and the word of more than 2000 people that Cannaflower is a one-stop-shop for ultra-premium CBD products. They have built a praiseworthy reputation for their high-quality CBD hemp flowers with less than 0.3% THC. And, they have a range of exciting and different products to try that you won’t see anywhere else. Cannaflower is a pioneer of hemp flowers and we are confident to suggest you choose them as your partner in delivering you the goods you need. Cannaflower is a one of a kind brand that consumers can trust blindly and still fall into safe hands. So, take this leap of faith with us and choose Cannafower as your CBD buddy!

FAQs About Cannaflower

Why CBD flowers?
Whole-plant CBD has broad benefits that can contribute to a greater entourage effect. In CBD flowers the compounds found in the plant remain fully intact so when you consume them, it is likely to unlock more benefits/effects than the compounds and CBD extracted by disintegrating the flower first as is the case with many products out there.

Where can I find Cannaflower products near me?
Cannaflower primarily sells its products online but they do have a few brick and mortar retailers that sell their products in stores. Visit the Cannaflower website if you want more information about the stores that sell Cannaflower products.

Does Cannaflower ship outside the United States?
No. Shipping is only restricted to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii but not Puerto Rico.

What is Cannaflower’s return policy?
Cannaflower does not replace or refund any orders. All orders are final and non-refundable so if you do not fill in your information correctly at the checkout and your products get delivered to the wrong address, then unfortunately they will not be able to do anything about it. But, if you have any queries about the products, feel free to mail them at

Is it safe to take Cannaflower CBD products with the medicine or supplements that I use?
It is recommended to consult your doctor before you use any Cannaflower CBD products in combination with the medicine or supplements that you are currently taking.

Will there be any noticeable odor with my package by Cannaflower?
No, absolutely not. Cannaflower packages its products with great care to ensure discreetness. The products come in a double-bagged, heat-sealed, non-transparent mylar bag to endure your privacy and that the package arrives safely.

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