CBDistillery CBD Oil Review & Buyer’s Guide

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CBDistillery is a relatively new CBD provider that was founded in 2016. Since then, it has quickly become one of the leading CBD oil brands in the marketplace.

CBD regulars and beginners alike should find what they’re looking for at CBDistillery. They offer a vast assortment of products, ranging from your classic oil tinctures to niche products like gummies and vapes. We’ll go through each of their offerings one by one and discuss their uses.

About CBDistillery

A Colorado team founded the brand with the goal of providing everyone with quick and easy access to quality CBD hemp products. Today, CBDistillery’s offerings are sold by numerous retailers all over the country, with over a million customers and counting.

If you want absolute assurance that you’re getting nothing less than a premium product each time, CBDistillery adheres to every CBD regulation and protocol. The company is accredited by both government and trusted third-party certifiers.

  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Certified

The FDA investigates every aspect of a product or ingredient before introducing it to the market. In CBDistillery’s case, they recently received GRAS status by submitting a comprehensive dossier that outlines every ingredient and manufacturing process to ensure safety.

  • Transparent Third-party Lab Testing

CBDistillery regularly submits its products for third-party lab testing. If you buy one of their products, you can scan its QR code to view the test results, ensuring its quality and regulatory compliance.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Registered Facility

CBDistillery’s manufacturing facility is GMP certified by NSF International. This independent organization inspects facilities to ensure that brands use all proper methods, equipment, and control systems to the letter.

  • US Hemp Authority Certified

This third-party establishment creates and upholds industry-related regulatory standards for CBD growers and providers. Certification means that the brand is compliant with CBD product regulations, management practices, manufacturing processes, employee training, and other necessary criteria.


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Oil tinctures are arguably the most well-known form of CBD available on the market. Many people take CBDistillery’s CBD oil for mental relaxation, pain relief, and other life-enhancing effects. Despite the growing list of new CBD products, oils remain incredibly popular because of their convenience and fast-acting properties.

Every CBDistillery product (including this line) uses only non-GMO hemp grown by natural farming. They provide a broad list of oils, each with its own unique benefits and uses:

Full-spectrum Oil

Full-spectrum oil contains every cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, including CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC. Taken together, these compounds form a synergistic relationship (called the entourage effect) that enhances their properties. What’s more, full-spectrum oils also include naturally occurring plant vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other beneficial substances.

CBDistillery offers a range of concentrations to meet everyone’s preferences. Naturally, higher concentrations yield stronger effects:

  • 30ml (500mg*) – $35
  • 30ml (1000mg) – $60
  • 30ml (2500mg) – $130
  • 30ml (5000mg) – $240

*CBD concentration is in milligrams

Broad-spectrum Oil

CBDistillery’s broad-spectrum products take it down a notch by removing the THC while retaining everything else found in a full-spectrum oil. THC causes the signature “high” you feel from a marijuana plant. Some people prefer to forgo it because they need to pass a drug test or just dislike the sensation.

The brand ensures that each of its broad-spectrum products has non-detectable THC levels (<0.01%). As we’ve mentioned, you can even check the third-party tests using your item’s QR code to verify this claim. Many of CBDistillery’s CBD oil reviewers appreciate this level of transparency when it comes to their ingredients.

Here are the available concentrations for CBDistillery’s CBD broad-spectrum oil:

  • 30ml (500mg) – $32
  • 30ml (1000mg) – $55
  • 30ml (2500mg) – $120

CBD Isolate Oil

Isolates, as the name suggests, only contain CBD. Every other cannabinoid and substance from the hemp plant has been removed. While it doesn’t have the entourage effect found in other CBDistillery tinctures, it does have other unique advantages.

CBD’s effects vary from person to person, and some users react more positively to a pure CBD product. We recommend that you test the waters first by purchasing smaller amounts to find what oil suits you best.

Here are some of the products that they offer:

  • 30ml (250mg) – $19
  • 30ml (1000mg) – $55
  • 30ml (2500mg) – $120

CBG + CBD Combo Tincture

CBG and CBD are cannabinoids that interact with the same receptors in your body. As such, they both enhance each other’s therapeutic potential. CBDistillery has a combo tincture that takes advantage of this relationship for a potentially more potent product.

  • 30ml 1:1 CBG to CBD ratio (1000mg) – $75

CBN + CBD Combo Sleep Tincture

If you’re having trouble drifting off to sleep, this specialized tincture might help you. This product combines CBD and CBN, the latter being a known sleep aid. CBN directly affects your body’s CB1 receptors (which are known to influence the way you sleep.)

  • 30ml 1:3 CBN-to-CBD ratio (150mg CBN + 450mg CBD) – $60

Pet-friendly Tincture

Who knew that your animal companions could benefit from CBD as well? Many pet owners use CBDistillery’s tinctures to improve their pet’s immune system function, digestion, and pain regulation.

You can put a few drops in your pet’s food or on their favorite treats so they can enjoy CBD’s therapeutic effects. CBDistillery offers single pet products or promo packs with great savings

Here are some of the products that they offer:

  • 30ml (150 mg) – $20
  • 30ml (600mg) – $38
  • 30ml (1000mg + 150mg pet tincture) – $70
  • 30ml (2500mg + 600mg pet tincture) – $135

Shop CBDistillery CBD Oil Directly here >>

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Gummies are a fun way to take your CBD. CBDistillery’s CBD gummies are naturally flavored, and you can choose between two types: Sleep Gummies and Anytime Gummies. The latter have a pleasant tropical fruit flavor and are suitable for more general use.

Sleep Gummies, on the other hand, are specially developed for nighttime intake. Combined with CBD’s sleep-enhancing effects, these gummies also contain melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep naturally. Many users report waking up more refreshed when they take CBDistillery’s Sleep Gummies before going to bed.

If you want to try both, CBDistillery offers a pack that saves you $20.

Here are some of the products that they offer:

  • 30pcs Anytime Gummies tropical fruit – $60
  • 30pcs Sleep Gummies mixed berries – $60
  • 60pcs Anytime Sleep Combo – $100

Shop CBDistillery Gummies Directly here >>

CBD Topicals

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CBDistillery offers a great line of topical CBD products with different uses. These topicals can target specific areas of your body while imparting therapeutic benefits. You can use them as is or in tandem with an oral CBD product to complement their effects.


The CBD salve from CBDistillery uses a mix of waxes and oils to create a smooth, easily spreadable product. The CBD in this salve is absorbed slowly by your body, so its effects are long-lasting. Many users feel relief on their target area within a few minutes of application.

  • 500mg – $50

Broad-spectrum Cream

CBDistillery’s broad-spectrum cream comes in two forms, both of which offer targeted relief by different methods. These two products use natural ingredients and have a smooth, non-greasy feel. Because the creams are broad-spectrum-classified, you get the benefits of every cannabinoid in the hemp plant without the THC content.

One product is the Cooling Cream that combines the pleasant effects of menthol with CBD. The other product is the Warming Cream, which uses CBD and camphor to create a warm, calming sensation.

You can get these products on their own or in a bundle:

  • 300mg Warming Cream – $25
  • 300mg Cooling Cream – $25
  • 300mg Mix Pack – $40

Broad-spectrum Relief Stick

CBDistillery recommends their relief sticks for athletes or people who experience regular muscle strain. This portable and convenient form of CBD can provide targeted relief when needed. Much like the company’s Cooling Cream line, their relief sticks also contain menthol for a pleasant cooling sensation.

Here are some of the products that they offer:

  • 500mg – $40
  • 1000mg – $75

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a persistent problem for many. CBDistillery’s lip balm provides the same therapeutic effects of other CBD products while keeping your lips healthy and moist.

Check the product here:

  • 25mg – $6

Skincare Cream

Skincare is a rapidly growing industry with numerous niches, so it’s not surprising that CBDistillery has come up with a CBD-infused skincare cream. This product uses a mixture of water and oils to promote skin hydration. It also contains natural botanicals that help nourish the skin, as well as CBD for targeted relief.

Check the product here:

  • 500mg – $50

Shop CBDistillery Topicals Directly here >>

CBD Capsules

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Many CBDistillery customers stick to CBD capsules because they’re incredibly convenient. There’s no need to count drops or measure your serving size. The pills are easy to swallow, and each has a measured CBD serving. Users note that they prefer to bring capsules while traveling because they’re portable and have fewer chances of making a mess.

Here are some of the products that they offer:

  • 60pcs Full Spectrum (30mg) – $115
  • 30pcs Full Spectrum (30mg) – $60
  • 60pcs Broad Spectrum (30mg) – $115
  • 30pcs Broad Spectrum (30mg) – $60

Shop CBDistillery Capsules Directly here >>

CBD Powders

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If you love to cook or bake, then CBD powders are made for you. One customer reports using it as a cake additive, while another takes it with their morning smoothie. CBDistillery’s powder line is entirely flavorless and odorless, so it’s easy to incorporate into practically anything.

Aside from food, it’s also possible to incorporate CBD powders into your topical products. If you have a favorite lotion or cream, you can use CBDistillery’s powders to infuse it with CBD’s therapeutic effects.

Here are some of the products that they offer:

  • 1g CBD Isolate Powder – $28
  • 1g CBG Isolate High Purity Powder – $40
  • 1g Broad-spectrum Powder – $32.5
  • 1g Full-spectrum Powder – $30

Shop CBDistillery Powders Directly here >>

A Brand that Educates Its Customers

Take a quick look at CBDistillery’s website and you’ll see their dedication to educating customers before making a purchase. From products that you should avoid to the differences between each cannabinoid, you can find plenty of useful reading material in the brand’s blog. They also have a comprehensive CBD resource guide that’s downloadable in PDF format.

The Buying Experience


You can purchase CBDistillery products online through their website. In addition to its straightforward, easy-to-navigate interface, the website has several conveniences like an optional account creation that lets you save your billing and shipping information for faster future purchases.

They also have a mobile-friendly website, though be aware that it arranges products in a top-to-bottom list instead of showing all of them at once. While it’s not hard to navigate, you might need to do a fair amount of scrolling to find the products you want.

Order Processing and Shipping

The brand processes orders within two to four days. Depending on the type of shipping you select, items will arrive in two to three days or four to five days. CBDistillery’s parent company, Balanced Health Botanicals, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau but does have a few negative customer complaints regarding shipping. With that said, most of these issues appear to have been solved.


Aside from regular discounts on their products, CBDistillery offers plenty of great promotions such as:

  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 10% off on your next purchase for joining their email subscription
  • Loyalty Program: earn points and use them to get product discounts
  • Refer a Friend: they get $10 off on their first $25, and you receive a $10 coupon

FAQs About CBDistillery

Is CBDistillery legit?
CBDistillery is one of the best CBD companies in the market. They were founded in 2016 and already have risen to be one of the most trusted and respectable companies in the world of CBD.

Who owns CBDistillery?
Balanced Health Botanicals owns CBDistillery.

How to track my package from CBDistillery?
Once your order is ready for shipping, A UPS tracking number will be delivered to your email. Please note that the shipping time estimate (5-7 days) begins after your order is shipped.

How much CBD is in CBDistillery powder?
CBDistillery isolate powders contain 99+% percent CBD. You can be assured that they are true because of their lab reports.

How long does it take for CBDistillery to deliver?
Standard delivery time will take five to seven days.

CBDistillery CBD Oil: Final Thoughts

CBDistillery provides affordable, high-quality products that have been accredited by many established institutions. In line with their mission to educate customers, their ingredient transparency gives them a special edge not often found in other brands. CBDistillery’s extensive list of offerings makes for a convenient buying experience, allowing you to find everything you need in one place.

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